Game of Owns: The Dragon and the Wolf


Episode 384 – The Dragon and the Wolf
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The wall has fallen. A podcast meets to discuss the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale!

When you play the game of owns, you win or you don’t write us your favorite parts of the new episode. This is your last chance for the season! Let us know below!



  1. My own goes to the dramatic pause between

    “You stand accused of murder, you stand accused of treason, how do you answer these charges …”


    “…Lord Baelish?”


  2. What happened to the other guys who used to present this? They just kind of stopped appearing one day. Did I miss an announcement somewhere?

  3. Maq,

    I believe that Eric and Micah left GOO because they had other work and life-related commitments that made it too difficult for them to continue as regular contributors. I do know that they’re both still regular hosts of MuggleCast, a Harry Potter podcast that recently returned to doing weekly episodes now that that universe is producing original content again. It’s unfortunate, but I think that Zack and Hannah have carried on the show splendidly!

  4. I got owned so bad by Euron. When he said he was more terrified by the wight than anything he had ever seen I was laughing at how akward and out of character it felt. I thought Pilou’s show death would be him literally walking out of that scene.

    Whoosh! was I wrong.

    Honorable mention for me goes to Tyrion asking Jon if he ever considered lying.

  5. Tycho Nestoris,

    One more (hypothetical), sorry. After Sandor takes off the top of the crate and waits, I wanted Cersei to say aloud or under her breath, “snarks and grumpkins” immediately prior to Sandor kicking the crate over and the wight running for her.

  6. My own goes to the fact that although Cersei seems to have no problem killing anyone and everyone, she couldn’t bring herself to kill either of her valonqars.

  7. Finally caught the episode today, and my owns:

    The Hound to his bro: “You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.” #CleganeSnowBowl

    Cersei’s reaction to the white walker lunging at her. #ZombieSmellsBetterThanEuron

  8. First own is to Jaime for FINALLY having had enough and heading north after calling Cersei’s bluff. #andmoonboyforallIknow

    Second own to the Hound/Brienne mutual Arya admiration society. #pitythefoolwhogetsinherway

  9. Great episode again guys but why are we assuming the worst case scenario that the final six episodes won’t air until 2019? My understanding was either second half of 2018 or start of 2019 so technically it could air next July/August.

    Really going to miss you guys over the off season so my own goes to you guys!

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