1. My Owns goes to Drogon for knowing how to zig zag. Unlike Poor Rickon. #zigzag #yesrickonnotdickon

  2. My own goes to the Hound who, after freezing in front of the fiery snow bear, pulled Tormund from certain death, hooked a wight on Drogon, and saved Jorah from falling from the sky, demonstrating his gift for witty reparte along the way. #dogscanlearnnewtricks, #kissedbyfire, #cleganebowl2K17

  3. My own goes to Gendry, who was obviously getting in some high impact interval training along with that rowing and smithing. #neverskiplegday #FleabottomMudRun2K17

  4. There’s not much question about the own here – the Night King now owns Viserion.

    Thoughts on things you said:

    The only people we’ve seen turned into White Walkers were alive at the time, so I’ve always assumed that’s a requirement, and that dead things get turned into wights.

    The Night King has shown in the past, and showed again in this episode, that he can walk through fire without problems. So I’m not sure dragonfire would kill him, either…

    I was frustrated by Arya and Sansa, yeah, but I didn’t find it out of character. For all they’re sisters, they’ve also spent so long apart, and grown up under such completely different circumstances, and each have their own traumas that have shaped them, that they’re essentially strangers at this point. Combine that with their preconceptions based on who the other one used to be, and it’s not all that weird they’re not seeing eye to eye.

  5. Fantastic conversation! I especially enjoyed Zack and Hannah’s breakdown of all the stellar, history-rich interactions between the party members in the early part of the episode, and the discussion of Jon and Dany’s scene on the ship near the end. I really adored this episode, and it was great to hear GOO speak about it with such love as well.

    Looking forward to further analysis on the second episode later this week!

  6. For once my owns went to the villain. He’s got a dragon and it was clearly planned. He trained hard for that kind of spear throwing and he got the chains to get Viserion out.

    Kidding aside, if he can see the future like Bran (apparently he saw Drogon over KL), then the NK saw this thing coming for sure which is why I was NOT surprised he got the chains!!!

    Book weirwood network is based on seeing everything the trees see in their own version of time (which is basically nonexistent). And for those trees 100 yrs is a drop in an ocean, a split second in time. If anything like this is true for Bran’s network abilities and the NK is able to see like Bran, then how do you fight someone who can see the future?!?! Bran better show up in the last season with something super huge.

    Enjoyed the podcast, thanks.

  7. The conversations beyond the wall were some of my favorite parts too from this episode. And no you guys are not alone, I too am confused by the whole Arya and Sansa storyline. I’m hoping it all gets resolved next episode. Looking forward to part two’s podcast this week! I’ll give my own to Benjen for saving Jon last minute

  8. TormundsWoman: If anything like this is true for Bran’s network abilities and the NK is able to see like Bran, then how do you fight someone who can see the future?!?!

    Did the NK really see the future or was he simply listening in on the instructions that Jon told Gendry and was curious who would arrive? I think that magic ice javelin is in his stockpile of weapons to destroy big creatures. Or maybe “seeing the future” is too intimidating a weapon for me to accept…I’m in denial.

    My own goes to Viserion for being a war hero who was brought down viciously by bad planning and vast underestimation of the enemy. Hopefully the undead magic within him is underestimated by his new rider.

  9. Well the NK seemed genuinely surprised about Jon killing the White Walker in Hardhome so I’m wondering if he has residual greensight abilities from marking Bran. #ThanksBran.

    Own for this episode goes to Drogon! For that fabulous example of draco ex machina.

  10. My owns goes to the Night King.. that dude is scary!! Re-watch the Viserion being dragged out of the lake.. in the foreground is some kind of structure with chains on.. then as it pans out you can see it to the left of shot.. I reckon that is part of the docks from Hardhome.. He got the giant wights to rip it out and brought it with them!!!

    Why? because he knows all this stuff is going happen.. he is a more powerful greenseer than Bran at the moment anyway. That why he is so damn calm about everything… sits and waits. That is why Bran is so important in defeating him.

    Anyway he owns big time!!!!!!!!! Also I should say I agree with TormundsWoman in that respect.

  11. Jorah Mormont killed his own family’s sigil, or he saw the Night King had defiled his family’s sigil – a bear – and put it out of its misery.

    Has someone already mentioned this? I’m very slow these days.

  12. Ser Hogwyn:

    Has someone already mentioned this? I’m very slow these days.

    Maybe my comment in Sue’s Beyond The Wall Ratings-article yesterday is what you’re referring to? :

    With the picture of the zombie polar bear in the article, I’d like to give a special shout-out to a really nice detail in Beyond The Wall, that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere:

    The Mormont Bear physically killing a bear… This happening right after he symbolically killed the bear within himself, as he forever forfeits the right to bear (no pun 😉 ) Longclaw by giving it to Jon and his future bloodline.

  13. Thanks for the great exchange. I also thought this episode worked on many levels (did love those conversations among the Mag 7 even more than the action), but was getting pulled back by the negative reactions by those who got stuck on some of the choices D&D and Alan Taylor made. So great to hear an affirmation of my feelings.

    In answer to your question, I just rewatched the Dany/Jon scenes from this season and then episode 6 in its entirety and I believed the burgeoning relationship between two such powerful people who believe in what they are doing. We have never seen Dany so vulnerable as she was before Jon as the episode closes. Juxtaposing “Because I believed in myself” in episode 3 when the two first meet with “I hope I deserve it” as this episode ends shows how she is willing to let her guard down with someone who she has come to respect and has now given her the ultimate vote of confidence. And Jon/Kit’s acting was perfect. Hats off to Alan Taylor.

    But of course I am a romantic.

  14. I’m not confused by the Winterfell story. I find it compelling and logical. Arya is an assasin who can change her face. It would be a bizarre plot hole if there was no real world personal consequence of that.

  15. My thoughts on the Winterfell storyline: I actually can find Arya’s rage believable. Arya has not witnessed Sansa’s growth as we have, and she correctly figured out that Littlefinger is scheming. The question is whether Littlefinger is scheming on Sansa’s behalf or on his own when he obtained/planted that letter.

    Plus, being back in Winterfell can bring up her grief for her family and cause her to lash out. When someone in the family dies and leaves property behind, all of the old divisions of the past come up in a nasty way. As far as I see it, for Arya’s Dad died and left the house for her sister, the family business for Jon, and nothing for her when she felt the closest to him.

    However, this is me filling in some blanks. I think better writing would show more sadness in Arya, and little moments of regret at her words when she walks away. OR this could be Arya playing Littlefinger all along, or testing Sansa.

  16. My problem with the Winterfell scenes isn’t that Arya and Sansa are fighting, it’s that Arya is being an absolute jerk face. She’s being petty (what’s wrong with knitting and how is it Sansa’s fault that her handwriting was better than yours?) and her tone is just cruel. To me, she doesn’t seem to be motivated by concern that Sansa is betraying Jon. She just seems bitter and, sadly, kind of misogynistic. Hence my own goes to Sansa for not smacking the shit out of her like she did Sweetrobin.

  17. Dead Dane Walking,

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t want to act like I was the first to notice. Plus you put it way more eloquently and intelligently than me. I don’t have anyone in the real world to talk GOT. I said this about Jorah out loud yester and the other people in the room just sighed and shaked their heads like “How dare he talk about something we don’t wanna talk about”.

  18. Interesting listening guys, thanks again for the podcast! After you guys seemingly had a negative review of EastWatch I was expecting you guys to really dislike this one. I had mixed feelings myself, the visual experience was amazing but my mind got too distracted by the plot holes (chains appearing, Dany/Benjen appearing in the nick of time).

    Ps I also had the same thought regarding Sandor smashing the ice around the mini island!

    Pps my take is the ice dragon is coming from GRRM but he hasn’t fleshed out how it happens so they came up with this idea of a grab a white to facilitate it. I also think there is a parlay coming in the books as this was partially in the original outline by GRRM where he states the remaining characters go north to deal with the white walkers.

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