Game of Thrones stars show off their singing talent for Red Nose Day

And now for something completely different, and thankfully much lighter!

Many of the stars of Game of Thrones have signed on for Red Nose Day, a comedic live benefit that airs on NBC, on Thursday May 21st at 8PM EDT.

Of the many promotional videos that have been released teasing the event, these two feature the cast.

Peter Dinklage shows off nice pipes in this song bragging about his Thrones staying power:

In this clip, we see Coldplay hard at work at creating a number for the Game of Thrones cast and then a glimpse of several GoT cast members (including Kit Harington, Rose Leslie, Mark Addy, John Bradley, and more) rehearsing. The Coldplay-Thrones connection is a familiar one- drummer Will Champion cameoed in “The Rains of Castamere” at the Red Wedding as- what else? a drummer.

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    1. Wow,finally some positivity,thank god because the toxic atmosphere over the past few days has almost made me quit the internet fanbase of GOT altogether .

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    2. urangutan21,

      I was just about to say this. It’s just a show; lighten up people. And as Red Nose Day tells us, there are a helluva lot worse things happening to real people in the world. Sansa Stark has never been raped, because she has never existed, but these sorts of things have, unfortunately, happened to real people. I wish more people would be crusaders for real causes, rather than imaginary ones.

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    3. GET HYPE! Really looking forward to this. Also curious to see if the cast members involved joined because they have good voices and/or musical talent.

      edit: That’s a good point raised above. Be nice if Jerome Flynn (Bronn) makes an appearance.

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    4. spacechampion,

      Awesome article!

      I love animals and something about when I see a wolf trotting around mystifies me. They seem so magical, can’t wait to see Ghost this Sunday now!

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    5. urangutan21,

      I SO wish we could “like” comments on this site…

      The Peter Dinklage video was great! He’s a surprisingly good singer!
      I couldn’t watch the other video. It said it was “currently unavailable”…

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    6. Amazing! What a multi-talented cast.
      Red Nose Day is huge in the UK, nice that it’s coming to America.

      In other news, episode 6 set a new piracy record of 3.5 mil, according to Variety. Interesting that this excludes streaming via torrent sites, and only accounts for individual downloads. Thus, the actual figure is much higher. HBO Now needs to be an international entity tbh!

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    7. Shaz,

      I didn’t think the Americans did Red Nose Day so was initially confused by this! Thanks for clearing it up! Makes sense Coldplay are leading the charge with this one!

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    8. TheTouchOfFrost:
      you snow nothing,

      You remind me of the babe…

      Whoa! You’re right! That’s what he sounds like.

      I was about to come on here and say I was glad he was sounding like an American finally, and not using the accent he uses on the show. But you said that and you nailed it!

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    9. One would have to hear ALOT of crappy music on a daily basis to not notice that Coldplay kind of sucks.

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    10. His Door Solar Rack,

      They’re ok. Tend to do a good pop tune then follow it up with something shite then repeat. I don’t mind them but not sure how they’ve reached the heights they have. They’re a bit like Muse in that way ( who only got where they were because they filled the niche the infinitely more-talented Radiohead left when they went more experimental/less user friendly!).

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