Game of Thrones Season 8 Location Report: HBO Likely to Return to Southern Spain

Game of Thrones TK Season 7, Episode TK Air Date: TK Emilia Clark as Daenerys Targaryen and a Dragon

Los Barruecos de Malpartida in Andalucía, in Game of Thrones season seven

Season seven hasn’t even graced our screens and yet news about season eight of Game of Thrones continue trickling in. In the coming months we will learn all about the new actors, directors, and locations of the last season, but even now it’s starting to get real: if all goes according to plan, the show is returning to film in Andalucía, Spain.

Los Siete Reinos picked up on the news first yesterday, originally from Andalucía Información: they reported on the likely return of Game of Thrones to their Southern Spanish region, according to president of the Andalucía Film Comission Carlos Rosado, who appeared on a local TV program to exalt the virtues of filming in Andalucía. Setting Game of Thrones as an exemplar, Rosado also touched on its future in Spain. When asked whether Andalucía (and its capital, Seville) would be a major location in the last season of Game of Thrones, Rosado was coy but implied it’s pretty much a done deal:

“We convinced Game of Thrones to come to our land for seasons six and seven, so I don’t think it’s pie in the sky to say that, logically, if nothing goes awry and everything bears fruit, season eight will be filmed here as well.”

Spain has been a location since season five, with the Alcázar of Seville as the Water Gardens, the Osuna bullfighting arena as Daznak’s Pit, and the Roman bridge of Córdoba as the Long Bridge of Volantis, which returned in season six along with additions such as the Zafra Castle as the Tower of Joy, the Santa Florentina Castle as Horn Hill, and the Girona Cathedral as the Great Sept, before Cersei… redecorated it.
If you followed season seven news, you might have heard they returned to Andalucía, which makes a striking appearance in the trailer’s closing shot, with a dragon leading the Dothraki to battle, as you can also see in the promo picture at the top. This time they also filmed up north, in my very own Basque Country, which we can see in the trailer too, as the lands around Dragonstone and the winding stairs leading to it:

Gaztelugatxe, in the Basque Country, as Dragonstone in the season 7 trailer

Gaztelugatxe, in the Basque Country, as Dragonstone in the season 7 trailer

With such a wealth of locations, a move elsewhere seems unlikely, despite the arrival of winter in Westeros. It’s not just the producers who must be happy with the results: by all accounts, the many managers and owners of these locations are left satisfied as well. In a recent trip I made to the Santa Florentina Castle in Barcelona, the tour guide assured us the crew went above and beyond the call of duty. Avoiding any damage to the location is a must, of course, but reportedly they went as far as polishing the floors before leaving with their massive crew, which numbered in the hundreds, all for less than a week of shooting for the Horn Hill scenes in the episode Blood of My Blood.

And they can afford it! Game of Thrones is not only the largest TV production there is in the world but also one of the most popular, so its use of historic Spanish sites has proven to be a tourism boon for the whole country, and it appears the Andalucía Film Commission is making sure the show returns to their community at the very least.

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    1. Great! All the Spanish on-location filming translates beautifully onto the screen. I hope the spinoffs return to Spain. You truly live in a lovely country, Luka. I look forward to your filming reports this fall!

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    2. Anyone else feel like the very end of the battle with the white walkers will take place in storm’s end? I could see all the forces of westeros being pushed down to storm’s end for a final battle. Mostly because it is the only major location not yet portrayed on screen and also because the name itself seems symbolic. Isn’t there also legend that magic was used to build it just like the wall? The other option is the God’s eye, or I guess king’s landing but that is the most boring option.

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    3. crabbers son,

      Who knows, it could be anywhere. Sometimes I wonder if it’ll be the Vale simply because they make such a point to mention how impossible it is to attack despite the fact that no one has attacked it yet on the show, but I can’t really think of a reason why the fight would end up there.

      I also wonder how much time is even going to be spent on a White Walker vs. Humans battle at all. I feel like it won’t be more than a few episodes given how close we are to the end. I have my doubts that the end of the fight will be settled by some drawn out, last man standing type situation. I personally think the battle will end in a different type of way, but I have no idea what, why, or how.

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    4. crabbers son,

      A poster here suggested that the WWs would end in KL because:

      KL still contains lots of wildfire and fire kills the wights and hot fire such as dragon fire kills WWs. So when all the WWs are lured to KL, the humans light up KL and the WW menace is incinerated.

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    5. Very interesting. Do we think Season 8 will basically feature snow all over Westeros, even in Dorne should we go back there ?

      I guess the filming schedule would have to change even more drastically for things to look cold enough, and the massive amounts of fake/CGI snow that would be required might be tricky, but I’d really like for the final climax to happen in a Long Night sort of scenario. Night time and snow, all over Westeros. Doubtful they’d be able to really do that though.

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    6. crabbers son,

      I subscribe to the theory that the WW will end up in KL with

      all that wildfire ready to explode. Bonus points if Cersei is the one to light it and accidentally save Westeros lol.

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    7. I loved them filming at Spain for S7, not only did we get to see some awesome locations but we also got early glimpses of the characters and the actors out and about having fun together. I can’t wait to see some of the locations we’ve seen translate to screen.

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    8. Wow we are really getting spoiled with information right now, what’s the next major milestone the title of episode 1 of season seven? I’d imagine that’s only a few weeks away now.

      As for returning to Spain, I’m a little surprised given how much leaked out of those locations however I assume this is Kings Landing filming.

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    9. LOVE this post!!! Saner Half and I just watched the end of S5 last night (his first viewing of GoT), and he loved the Water Gardens and Daznak’s Pit. I’m going to read this to him when I get home!

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    10. Strange, if they’re gonna focus on fighting the white walkers, don’t you think they should be filming in Iceland or somewhere colder than southern spanish?

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    11. Wolfish,

      Being a geology nerd, I am looking forward to the amazing rock formations in the Basque countryside as well as the unique features in Iceland!

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