Game of Thrones Season 5 post-premiere interview round-up

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As we enter the post-premiere promotional phase for Game of Thrones Season 5, new interviews with cast members both on and off the red black carpet seem to be sprouting up every day.

Kron 4 interviewed many cast members at the premiere, as well as George R. R. Martin himself.

Lots more below the cut.

In an interview with, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau offered up his speculation on Jaime’s eventual fate in the show:

I’m just anticipating constantly that it’s going to happen… It’s going to happen sooner or later. It’s been a great ride. I’ve really enjoyed it… I think Brienne is probably going to end up killing Jaime. It’s going to be very melodramatic. That’s a guess but my guess is as good as anyone’s! I can imagine that happening.

Gwendoline Christie spoke to Zap2it at the premiere, and revealed some small traversal details about Brienne’s upcoming arc, saying that she “moves all over the place”. She also offered a tantalising “Perhaps we have a look at some of her darker recesses too.”

Sophie Turner recently featured in “The Real Housewives of Westeros”, an entertaining video from Vanity Fair.

In addition to the header image above, The Mirror put together a gallery of pictures taken during the after-party of the San Francisco premiere.

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    1. Kristian Nairn looks like a version of the Dos Equis guy in that picture.

      “I don’t always date Tyrells, but when I do, I prefer Loras”…

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    2. As we enter the post-premiere promotional phase for Game of Thrones Season 5, new interviews with cast members both on and off the red black carpet seem to be sprouting up every day.

      So San Francisco has declared for the Blackfyres?

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    3. New interview with Natalie Dormer from the NY Daily’s Advent Calendar:

      “She’s not a bad person — just a political animal. And when you’re in as deep as the Tyrells are now, you’re either going to sink or swim,” the actress says, her glacial-blue eyes flashing. “It’s a long way down now. There’s no other thing to do other than climb up.
      “She’s not maliciously, coldly, indifferently jumping from one man to another. Margaery is trying to keep something really bad from happening to her or her family,” Dormer says.
      “She’s trying to keep them all treading water, and Cersei is out to get her. It’s fight or be eaten. She genuinely cares about Tommen, she has a good heart.”
      Fans of the show can look forward to seeing a new side of Margaery, says Dormer, who also appears as Cressida in the “Hunger Games” movies.
      Towards the end of the season she loses utter control,” says Dormer. “It’s really fun to see Margaery finally, really out of control. It’s taken four years but she finally loses it.”

      That got me excited, I can’t wait!

      I hope they keep that part where Margaery calls Cersei a bitch, I’m sure Natalie is gonna nail playing angry Margaery

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    4. This is the second time this week I’ve seen Maisie with a fantastic handbag, a girl after my own heart. Get it, Maisie!

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    5. Doran’s Gouty Foot:

      Kristian Nairn looks like a version of the Dos Equis guy in that picture.
      “I don’t always date Tyrells, but when I do, I prefer Loras”…

      Heh. Actually, I always pictured Pedro Pascal as “The Most Interesting Man In The World” from the Dos Equis commercials.

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    6. EW did another pretty great interview with D&D:

      Game of Thrones showrunners on why you haven’t seen THAT character

      “We reached that point that commenting individually on what is or is not in the show from the books is a prospect of diminishing returns,” Weiss said. “Early on in the process, it was something we talked about a fair amount. [The change of strategy is] not out of any disrespect; the fact that people care enough about the books and the show to have arguments about it is something we have huge gratitude and respect for. I just don’t think there’s value in anything we have to say about it. It opens a Pandora’s box of questions you could spend your whole life answering, and the net result is that what you said will probably make people less happy than if you hadn’t said anything.”

      “People will complain about things because they don’t know what’s coming up ahead,” Benioff said. “ ‘Why haven’t we seen this guy?’ And I think it will be easier once everything is out and it’s 70 hours. Not that people shouldn’t complain—that’s why God invented the Internet—but I think we’d be better able to have that argument later. Sometimes we’re going in a different order or telling a different story. We think the story will all make sense at the end. Otherwise it will be eight wasted years.”

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    7. Geralt of Rivia,

      In all fairness, magazines, promotional material and even event photos like these have consistently shot Emilia and Kit together since the very beginning. I’m convinced it’s mostly to troll book readers and fans of a certain 3-letter theory.

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    8. Cumsprite:
      It’s amazing how GURM’s view of spoilers has morphed over the years. When Amazon released TWOW early to a few customers, he flipped his shit:
      Now he is blaming the reader if they feel spoiled by the show. What a guy.

      I’ll be very polite and not point out the mistake in your comment. (Foreshadowing?)
      #IAmBoysenberry :p

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    9. Shockmesane,

      Oh yeah keep it in the family.

      Those crazy Targaryens.


      It was more about Emilia Clarke Harington.If you know what I mean. 🙂 They look cute together.Maybe they’re dating?!Who knows.

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    10. Skywarpgold,

      Yep, he is! In fact so many of the interviewers are so lame… I admit I’m a superfan and feel many of the questions are repetitive due to the fact I watch every one I can think my teeth into, but I’m sure they could research a little bit more and try to be creative… It would be a breath of fresh air if there were no questions about Kit’s hair in at least one event…

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    11. Skywarpgold,

      Yeah, I watched the Sophie interview first and from his first question it became apparent he really doesn’t know anything about the show (which Maisie actually jokingly remarks on).

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    12. Luka Nieto,

      I need to copy this to whip out every time we get the inevitable “Why don’t they tell us why x character is cut or whether they will appear or not at a later date?”

      Here’s your answer, for now and for all time. Check in with them once the show’s finished, maybe they’ll be willing to talk about the decision-making process then.

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    13. Skywarpgold,

      He is indeed horrible. The only redeeming interview is the one with Hannah Murray and that’s only because she’s adorable.

      I love how Gwendoline totally shut him DOWN after he made that stupid comment about how tall she was. ^^

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    14. Looking at these photos, it appears that Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) and Dean Charles Chapman (Tommen) have the same face. Different hair, eyes, and skin color, of course, but they have exactly the same smile.

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    15. Cumsprite,

      This is probably your lamest attempt at dumping haterade GRRM, and that is saying something.
      Any charitable reading of these situations show that they are different. Book being the book, show being the show, there is no inconsistency here.

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    16. I have never seen Lena Headey or Carice Van Houten share a picture together, or even attend the same event, let alone be in the same room. I think they may actually secretly be one and the same!!!

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    17. tyrionsshrooms,

      There absolutely is an inconsistency. I’ll hold your hand through it.

      From Martin in 2011:

      “… thousands of other readers are now getting spoiled, most quite inadvertently and unwillingly, as they stumble over the spoilers cropping up everywhere on the internet.”

      He was well and truly pissed. Even his wife chimed in with some pretty heated words because of the spoiler threat. They threatened physical violence. Go through the comments if you want.

      In the interview linked to in this thread, Martin uses Citizen Kane to answer the spoiler question; saying that people knowing Rosebud was his sled in advance shouldn’t detract from their movie experience. It’s at about the 3:45 mark. I have not watched Citizen Kane. I was spoiled by Charles Schulz in a Peanuts cartoon where Linus ruins the ending for Charlie Brown. I chose not to watch the movie because, while the journey is important, the ending is more so for me.

      Let me ask you this: in 2011, why didn’t Martin assure readers that spoilers were no big deal because the journey is more important instead of having a hissy fit?

      His response in the interview is inconsistent, hypocritical and self-serving.

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    18. tyrionsshrooms,

      I’ve gone head to head with the Queen of Mean, brother. Broken the backs of nerdy squirts who had twice your game, brother. Beaten and embarrassed bloggers, joggers and internet floggers from Spokane to Singapore, brother. Cumsprite been running wild for four years here on the internet! I thought maybe you and I should get it on somewhere in the square circle — Africa, Asia, the Rubicon, Madison Square Garden, it don’t matter, brother, but you’re not worth the trouble. I can only take from your hushed mouth that you know you stepped to the wrong man. So you go on back and snuggle with the other Westerosi butt flakes until you’ve learned some manners.

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    19. Dolorous Ned:
      What’s up with Maisie and that Disco ball?

      Shiny, shiny Disco balls! Maybe it’s because it’s not from an In-designer…. Get down to Topshop, or somewhere less up-market than whoever’s the one everybody must wear this season. Maisie is 18 years of age (almost). She’s allowed to be kookie.

      Maisie & Sophie – Both chose spring shades and styles. Really good for them too. Young styles for young ladies (*), and ideal for SF. You can include Hannah with them.
      Emilia? Black gown was wrong! Wrong shade of red lipstick for pale skin. Old style hair. Wrong for LA never mind for SF. She looked far older than 28 as well.
      Gwen looked Ab Fab! Nathalie looked adorable.

      (*) My sister’s favourite expression through her teenage years.

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    20. Kay:
      Also, she and others will earn upwards of 7 million $ for Season 7. Some nice change there!

      Yeah, I saw that in a WotW tweet. WTF? I initially thought that was cumulative for seasons 1-7 but is it actually for a single GoT season (approx 10 min per episode, if that)? My God….there goes the VFX budget….(expect men in dragon suits hanging from a crane)

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    21. Hodor’s Bastard,

      Yes, given that this is an ensemble cast, and they only film for part of the year (10 min/episode, as you said), that is a verrrrry nice salary for Season 7! Renegotiating the contract for Season 7 was pretty nice. The amazing thing is, HBO is all supportive of more seasons if D&D wanted to, which means HBO wouldn’t mind shelling out the dough for more seasons to come! 🙂 I know there are TV stars who get $600,000 or $1 million per episode in a 22 or more episode TV season, but they are usually leads and work all year. Not like Emilia for example, who will start shooting a movie in April, and presumably finish before Season 6 starts shooting later this summer.

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    22. Kay,

      I guess I’m in shock about it. There have been some speculations about salary growth and overall budgets for each season but nothing in that ballpark. If true, we have seriously underestimated the economics behind this show. I’m astounded. Good for her (and the other leads, I assume).

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    23. It should be noted that no proof is given by the journalist about this pay raise and Emilia denies it.
      Also the article outright spoils

      Dany and Tyrion meeting!!

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