Game of Thrones’ Sam & Gilly featured in SNL Weekend Update sketch


Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Scarlett Johansson featured an appearance by a couple familiar faces. Well, sort of.

During Weekend Update, Samwell Tarly and Gilly (played by Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer) stopped by to talk about what it’s like being Westeros’s hottest couple.

Video after the jump!

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    1. For those of us foreign people who don’t know what a Hola extension is… thanks for the head-up about it…

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    2. Haha! That’s good!

      But c’mon, Daario and Dany are the hottest couple in Westeros!

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    3. Cersei’s Wine Goblet:
      …Daario and Dany are the hottest couple in Westeros!

      In Westeros? Maybe in Season 6…. 😉

      Great fun. Best GoT skit on SNL since the “Adam Friedberg/GRRM” parody .

      Wait a minute…twincest doesn’t count?

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    4. I loved how everyone is “dead”. Ultimately, I think that’s what the unsullied are taking away the most about Game of Thrones: everyone dies, especially the ones you like. And it seems like the last 2 seasons will only reinforce that legacy.

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    5. Bott,

      Hmm do you have any adblocker or something like on your browser? Hulu won’t work if you have that. Temporarily disabling it helps.

      The downside of SNL is that they tend to yank their clips off youtube regularly but for now that one is still up on youtube so you can watch the video there, I guess.

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    6. Isn’t Bobby Moynihan the guy from the ‘Bro rape’ viral video from nearly a decade ago? The one that had a Gamecube and a Dane Cook CD in his backpack?

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