Game of Thrones Wins at the 2018 SAG Awards!

Although there were as many as 500 extras for the Dothraki charge in "The Spoils of War," cinematographer Robert McLachlan manipulated footage to make it look like many more.

The 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards took place this evening, hosted by actress Kristen Bell of NBC’s The Good Place. The ceremony aired on TBS and TNT, and Game of Thrones was represented with three nominations at the awards affair designed to celebrate the actors in the industry. In the end, GoT reigned supreme in one category, taking home the award for Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series.

The stunts prize was announced on tonight’s festive red carpet by SAG-AFTRA president and actress Gabrielle Carteris:

That Game of Thrones is the perennial winner of this award is no reason to take it for granted- the show earns it more every year! Game of Thrones has an incredible and hard-working stunt team. With so many impressive battle sequences this year, they’re more important than ever. So give it up for the stunts squad:

Rowley Irlam, stunt coordinator
Boian Anev
Mark Archer
Luis Miguel Arranz
Ferenc Berecz
Richard Bradshaw
Michael Byrch
Nick Chopping
Jonathan Cohen
Chris Cox
Jake Cox
James Cox
David Cronnelly
Matt Crook
Ricardo Cruz Jr.
Jason Curle
Levan Doran
Daniel Euston
Bradley Farmer
Pete Ford
Vladimir Furdik
Eduardo Gago
Angel Gomez
David Grant
Lawrence Hansen
Richard Hansen
Nicklas Hansson
Rob Hayns
Bobby Holland Hanton
Paul Howell
Radoslav Ignatov
Erol Ismail
Orsányi Iván
Sonny Louis
Leigh Maddern
Jonny McBride
Leona McCarron
Kim McGarrity
Trayan Milenov-Troy
Sian Milne
David Newton
Jason Oettle
Radoslav Parvanov
Ian Pead
Andy Pilgrim
Oleg Podobin
Marc Redmond
Andrej Riabokon
Florian Robin
Doug Robson
Fabio Santos
Stanislav Satko
Paul Shapcott
Mark Slaughter
CC Smiff
James Stewart
Jonny Stockwell
Ryan Stuart
Gáspár Szabó
Lukas Tomsik
Marek Toth
Teodor Tzolov
Raycho Vasilev
Calvin Warrington-Heasman
Annabel Wood
Leo Woodruff
Lewis Young

In addition to the stunts award, Game of Thrones also competed for two other awards tonight but didn’t snag the win. Peter Dinklage was nominated in the category of Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series. However, Sterling K. Brown won the award for his role on This is Us. Dinklage is a multiple nominee in the category but has never won.

Game of Thrones was also in contention for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, but lost the award to This is Us.

Congratulations to all the winners from this evening’s ceremony!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. The cast had a very sparse presence here due to filming of the show itself, compared to earlier years. Conversely, evidently Isaac Hempstead Wright (the lone Stark in attendance, all others being in Belfast), Iain Glen and Conleth Hill aren’t needed for whatever they’re filming now.

  2. Thanks for listing the entire stunt crew! These folks do so many dangerous and challenging things and get so little individual mention.

  3. zandru,

    It’s really impressive, how they try to top their performance each year. So many dangerous stunt this year, glad no real injury took place, unlike elsewhere on other sets.

  4. H.Stark,

    I didn’t realise how tall Isaac has grown. I’m glad GoT won something. I never thought Season 7 was as dire as some other folk have but I’m not the thought police. I separate show GoT and book (books?) ASOIAF in my mind.

  5. Congrats to all, a worthy winner; love it when they stand on the horses. Never heard of This is Us so can’t comment.

  6. As an aside – love that Claire Foy and Frances McDormand won for thier perspecitive categories. Both are amazing actresses and deserve all the praise!

    Agree about the GOT stunts – just when you think they’ve reached their peak, they push the bar up even more. Splendid job (and yes thanks for listing them all)

  7. I like that given the size of the cast, they seem to spread the award shows appearances around so as many of them as possible have the opportunity to attend one should they wish to do so. Of course, this awards season has also clashed with filming.

    I also found it very Game of Thrones that of the five cast members who attended, two of them didn’t make it through to next season!

    Also great that the Stunt crew are recognized – they do a lot of dangerous and intensive work for the show and are a huge part of why it works.

  8. This is us?? I like the show but really it is no where near the level of GoT. Congrats on the stunt win!!!!

  9. Salut the stunt squad! More than deserved. Thank you for listing all these too often unsung brave men and women.

    … And a certain Mr. Vladimir Furdik amongst them. He did a high dive while on fire from a Greyjoy ship’s mast, got his chest cleaved open by Euron’s battle ax…. Then, of course, he went and did the unforgivable with an ice javelin. Fucker😁

  10. Well deserved award. The amount of work that went into that scene by all involved was obvious and it resulted in some great television viewing.

  11. Sean C.: The cast had a very sparse presence here

    GRRM didn’t even bother showing up. He’s probably busy with his new baby tortoise.

    : evidently Isaac Hempstead Wright (the lone Stark in attendance, all others being in Belfast), Iain Glen and Conleth Hill aren’t needed for whatever they’re filming now.

    Or they dead like the other 2.

  12. This is pus! That horse trick is the best shot of the series. They should have slowed it down a little (like the trailer?).

  13. Congratulations to the entire stunt crew, well deserved. Glad to hear that setting the record for most people on fire wasn’t for nothing.


    Agreed! One of the most epic things I ever saw on television.

  14. In a bit of an alumni update, former GOT staff writer Vanessa Taylor (who left after season 3) was just nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, as the co-writer (with Guillermo Del Toro) of The Shape of Water.

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