Game of Thrones Experience the Realm at San Diego Comic-Con


Ever want to learn how to Water Dance like Arya?  Or see yourself on screen with Dany’s dragons?  Well Game of Thrones Experience the Realm is coming to Comic-Con in San Diego and they’re going to give lots of opportunities to step inside of the world of Westeros.

This year Experience the Realm will have more interactive exhibits than ever before!   Apparently it’s big enough to need its own space and will be across the street from the Omni Hotel.  Details after the jump.

Highlights include:

  • Become Arya, even down to using a replica of her wooden practice sword.  Step in front of 10 ft projection screen and riposte targets creating a unique portrait of you that you can take home and share online.
  • Get incinerated by Dany’s dragons or become a White Walker and have it all captured in an animated .gif
  • Interesting props from the show (some of which you can take photos with) to include The Mountain’s gargantuan sword
  • Costume displays from Game of Thrones will be featured along with a gallery of select work from the Game of Thrones Compendium Book, featuring original creations from the talented fan-base ranging from art, fashion, food and fans can pick up a limited-edition T-Shirt designed by Beautiful Death artist Robert Ball

Want to avoid the lines?  If you’re a subscriber to HBO NOW and will be attending Comic-Con you have a chance of being selected as a VIP (to enter go here).  As VIP you will get to skip those long lines and see the exhibits during a daily preview.

This sounds pretty exciting!   Are you going?

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    1. I just want Euron (& Vic & Damphair) to show up at SDCC & I’m good.


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    2. I want a surprise Sarella casting, don’t know about you all. She’d be the second interesting Sand Snake (after ep7).

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    3. WotW please tell me you’ll send someone or have someone going that will bring back some reports of this cool virtual GoT world with perhaps some video and pics?

      Remember the good WiC years when we sent people to events this?

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