Game of Thrones Blu-ray feature: Braavos


As part of the promotion for the DVD and Blu-ray release of Game of Thrones season 5, HBO has released an animated feature about Braavos to ET Canada, which will be available on the Blu-ray special features.

Game Of Thrones S5 Blu-Ray Exclusive: Braavos#EXCLUSIVE: Game of Thrones’ Season Five blu-ray is packed with fun featurettes, like this animated look at the city of Braavos

Posted by ET Canada on Friday, March 4, 2016

The video covers a brief history of Braavos, focusing mostly on its establishment and the Unmasking of Uthero, as well as various aspects of Braavosi culture including religion, water dancing and the Arsenal of Braavos.

Game of Thrones season 5 will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on March 15.

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    1. Oh yey! Got my first Hodor.

      All these clips posted so far look really nice. They’re easily my favorite parts of the DVD release.

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    2. KamilTook,

      Tycho Nestoris, the representative of the Iron bank Stannis and Davos asked money from (aka Mark Gatiss of Sherlock fame).

      Also, I think this may have been the most informative feature we have had so far.

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    3. This #GoT50 is really being pushed on social media. The thing is…every episode is available on HBO GO and HBO NOW, so why promote this like it is something new? You can watch whatever episode you want whenever you want…

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    4. Name *,

      This is just Google Translate’s version, which is far from perfect.

      Tamer Hassan, Game of Thrones was how involved

      Cyprus-born British actor Tamer Hassan, the world famous “Game of Thrones” series joined the team. Hassan, the 6th season will begin on April 24 in the index Dothraki warriors to confront the audience as Forzo Khali. The famous actor, I found a great day in Istanbul visited approaching, a “Game of Thrones” I kept the fan heckled.

      * “Game of Thrones” your way to the team how the intersection?
      – I was auditioning for all the various roles since the first season already.

      * The first season also does you would have the Dothraki?
      – Yes, but the king of the Dothraki.

      * So Khaleesi wife of …
      – Yes, Drogo role … for some reason it did not happen, I never watch the series. For several different role after the first season I was invited to an interview in Los Angeles. The second and third season then I also left the end of the business. They just came in the sixth season in a bid, this time I would turn their noses. Because I did not have much news as I watch the size of the directory. My intention was to give a year off acting. I have a house in Los Angeles, there go my manager called for the holidays, “You should go to a meeting,” he said.

      * And it can just 6 months vacation as a result … Then this series began, is it?
      – Exactly. Already made ​​a selection. I just went to the interview. As the interview went well Forzo Khali. I wanted the script “No,” they said. “Tell the least character,” I said, “You’ll find out when we get there,” they replied. It was the hardest thing I ever agreed. It takes starring scenarios even pages in sequence.

      * You portrayed the character Shaun Sibel Kekilli ‘From then Türk’s actually second on the team.
      – I did not already know it. When I went to set “around here first Turkish me,” I said. Someone said, “No, I had a girl before you,” he said.

      * Have you learned the Dothraki language you need to talk Role?
      – Was the most difficult language I have to speak. Before each stage of Dothraki have tried my dialogue with the dialogue coach. Let me put it; Turkish, English, Spanish and Arabic Imagine blending into one, it is so difficult. What you think about how great the show is made ​​on you in a print. The fan base is so large that, they master the language. First, you’re in the service of society because as a player I tried to make them happy.

      * So this myth a job, how does it feel the legend to be a team?
      – “Game of Thrones” te who is certain result, you are, in a terrible way you die (laughs).

      * So or you, are you dying?
      – 5’m the leader of the Dothraki, and four others died. No, I’m not dead, at least for now (laughs). Meanwhile, with whom I talked to me, “Role Is small, large?” He asked. A great event and a really exciting place to be sure to get itself a work of this magnitude. Christian Bale, I took part in movies with Oscar Isaac and many other famous names. But an array of this size world know you more quickly.

      Is not this the way you can not * not watch the series still?
      – (Laughs) I could not get any trace of the role in the first season. I ekipt sixth season, but I look, I just go and watch one of the first five seasons. * How did you find? – I think the greatest benefit is starring directory can kill. Dialogue, sex scenes, nudity, scenes of war … Everyone is doing a great job. For many new players was an important chance. Of course for me. * Before “Batman Begins” and “CSI” You take place in the big things like but … acceleration rising with each passing day, your career does not that disruptive drawing aging to be nervous? – No, because I’m 30, my da was the same . I do not show my age. I still use stunt. I’m riding a horse, I’m diving, I get myself in the driver’s seat in the automobile scene. All the while my ribs were broken, it was cut on my face. I did not give up.

      * But you are a gamer, projects that take place if you have a serious problem also affected. You do not need to take care of yourself?
      – But stuntmen can sometimes seem silly when doing the same job. A better job when it emerges most importantly, see that it’s a stunt actor will do their job.

      * How did you get into this business?
      – I was born in England. A friend told the BBC that while the catering needs a hard man for a project. I do not know any of these things, I said I could not. Currently he is still my manager in England “Take a look, then we can not find this chance,” he insisted. I went to when I want to, they chose me and I played. Get a taste of the times came on.

      * What’s next?
      – “Bitter Harvest”, “Back in Business” and “Monte” comes from our three movies. “Plebs” I keep doing well in the series. Again there is a series of projects. “Game of Thrones” taki epic approach this time they want to go to Ottoman times. Namely the Ottoman Empire and the eyes of filmmakers … Another project is related to the Cengizhan life. What are you doing now say acting, producing, directing everything.

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    5. Hilariously incoherent! Good old Google Translate. Anytime I start to worry about the machines taking over the Earth, all I have to do to allay my fears is to remind myself how terrible computers are at grokking English syntax.

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    6. The information about the fog protecting the settlers of Braavos is interesting. Maybe there’s a bit of the San Francisco Bay area mixed in with the more obvious Venetian aspects of the city. And I love that the culture has its very own explanation for why it has a Carnival-like masquerade celebration.

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    7. Interesting. I think this is the first time that a Histories and Lore video uses information from The World of Ice and Fire.

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    8. 50 days! Sweeeet.

      So that the show itself would be better? I mean, last season, there were people pointing out Tyrion in the arena because there was some shadow, or no shadow, or something…

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    9. Whoever is writing these history and lore sure love the sentence : ” one only needs to…”
      Seriously, i can’t count how many times i’ve heard that sentence in history and lore. Also, inconsistent drawing style is inconsistent…pratically feels like a comic book. Although…I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT!!!

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    10. Name *,

      Sadly, just a plea haha
      But, considering tonight it’s the #GoT50 countdown, I’m just trying to get some positive vibe from this.

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    11. Mihnea,

      I did, but I’m not sure if tonight is the right time for us to start the ritual.
      We don’t want to give our nuts away in vain right?

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    12. Joffrey’s Cunt,

      Hell I check every day for a trailer, every hour, minute, second XD
      Your not alone, i’m thinking about a trailer every waking moment lol
      If not a trailer, i’m thinking about season 6. XD

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    13. I’ve just read an article about Jakob Fugger “the Rich” (the most important banker around 1500, he financed kings, emperors, popes…) and it immediately made me think about the Iron Bank of Braavos… 😀
      One of the many things I like about “A Song of Ice and Fire” is that George Martin also considers the financial aspects of the story… It’s something you don’t usually find on fantasy novels. 🙂

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    14. Daniela,

      When you said “Sherlock”, I thought “Shylock” of Merchant of Venice, as in anti-semitic screed, as in Jews, as in Bravoos, as in banking, as in slavery.

      Some of the styling of the Braavosi is reminiscent of the orthodox Jew….mainly the hair. And, Braavos is Venice-like, isn’t it.

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    15. Anon:

      When you said “Sherlock”, I thought “Shylock” of Merchant of Venice, as in anti-semitic screed, as in Jews, as in Bravoos, as in banking, as in slavery.

      Some of the styling of the Braavosi is reminiscent of the orthodox Jew….mainly the hair.And, Braavos is Venice-like, isn’t it.

      Actually from what the costume department said, Braavos is supposed to be mostly Dutch Golden Age (because it’s egalitarian – it’s Venice-like but colder so Bruges might be a better analogy, but yes)…….but the costume department said it was mostly Dutch Golden Age, with a mix of Russian peasant.

      I remember Clapton saying that while its mostly Dutch, in terms of architecture and *overall* costume design, that the Braavosi womens’ outfits (including the hair I guess), which Arya switches to, are supposed to be like Russian peasant women. This odd anachronistic mix.

      So I don’t think it’s so much “they look like Orthodox Jewish women”, but rather “Orthodox Jewish women wearing Russian styles because they were living in Russia for a while”, and the Braavosi also have Russian inspired designs.

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    16. Syrio Forel: “Girl…boy…you are a sword; that is all.”

      I’m hoping Syrio survived that assault…is he really the swordsman he said he was. I’m hoping yes.

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    17. The Dragon Demands,

      Yeah! I did see some Dutch in there too…I could totally see clogs beneath those skirts. And there is a certain frumpiness to the clothes…as in peasant.

      Anyway, only Orthodox Jewish men wear those long side curls…don’t know what they’re called.

      That’s very informative.

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    18. What a lovely piece. It confirmed and enhanced my knowledge of Braavos. I loved the end of the narration. “we also have iron… and gold…”

      I’ve always thought of Braavos as an enhanced Venice. The lagoon, the canals, shipping, trading, banking, even the yearly masquarade.

      One gripe I have with the show is that their wide shots of Braavos show quite a hilly place. My idea is of a flat and low-lying place. Ho-hum, can’t have everything.

      I absolutely love the show’s Braavosi fashions and hairdos (the side buns!), especially the fact that the real powerful people dress very soberly. A finely dressed Westerosi lord like Mace Tyrell just looks ridiculous next to them. Rich Braavosi merchants/bankers dress much like austere, rich Netherlandish burghers in the 16th century and later. Just have a look at the portraits and “quality pictures”.

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