Game of Thrones arrives in Dubrovnik, Croatia for imminent Season 8 filming!

The Old City of Dubrovnik as seen in Season 7, Episode 1, "Dragonstone"

The Old City of Dubrovnik as seen in Season 7, Episode 1, “Dragonstone”

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik has given life to King’s Landing since way back in season two, so it’s fair to say that by now the Old City’s unique look has become what we expect the capital of the Seven Kingdoms to look like. Thankfully, earlier this month we learned Game of Thrones would return to Dubrovnik one last time. And now that time has come!

As reported by The Dubrovnik Times, the Game of Thrones crew has set up camp “near the Old City of Dubrovnik” and the cast is expected to arrive for filming any day now:

Crew tent on the Pile Gate, with Lovrijenac Fortress in the background

Crew tent, with Lovrijenac Fortress in the background. | Photo: The Dubrovnik Times

The tent’s position suggests Game of Thrones will revisit familiar sites, namely Lovrijenac Fortress and the Pile Bay. Even when Dubrovnik ceased being the primary King’s Landing location in season six, the show always returned for these iconic landmarks.

As we reported last time, though filming in Croatia is expected to be brief, as it has been for a few seasons, there are rumors of the main cast being involved, including Kit Harington. If true, that’s interesting, because Harington, along with many others, were last spotted in or on the way to Iceland. We knew both would be February shoots, but it seems the production may have scheduled them to take place back-to-back.

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    1. This is interesting, it may mean it there is actually more than one filming unit unlike what a got actor said with crew members both in Iceland and Croatia

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    2. Interesting. Can’t wait to see some pics.

      Are we certain those actors – (ian, gwen, etc.) went to Iceland? That story seemed to get pushback so just want to know what to believe.

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    3. Maybe in the Iceland will filming the battles with the NK in the North and the Wall ..[the North will look like exactly like Iceland in winter] and then will go in Croatia for to filming their battle with Cercei in KL…She will be the third and last human villain of the show..NK might no to be so big big problem for to defeated ..instead with crazy Cercei nobody knows what will happen.

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    4. Mel,

      I found it odd that Iain was saying that they were using one filming unit. With all the reports (Now a new video from Marie McClenaghan) of filming taking place at Winterfell, which may last up to three months while filming about to begin in Iceland.

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    5. Maybe it’s all a confusion tactic – send cast to eat at airports, set up tents that won’t be used, post signs that mean nothing… 😉

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    6. Seems only Kit and Emilia were in Iceland. That group photo of the others was not in Iceland and some of them have been seen in Belfast in recent days. Oddly is there any evidence of extended crew movements in Iceland following Kit and Emilia? Or any filming in Iceland in recent days? I haven’t seen any. Seems Kit and Emilia were the only ones in Iceland for whatever reason.

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    7. orange,

      Have these “sightings” been before or after they were photographed at the airport though?

      My guess is they’ve taken a private chartered flight to wherever they were headed. 6 cast members on the same public flight would generate a lot of photos on social media.

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    8. Apollo,

      After. The day the photo of Gwen and the others were posted her, Gwen was seen in belfast. The next day Ian was seen in Belfast. The Original post was on the weekened. Either they weren’t going to Iceland then or the sightening of them in belfast are false.

      Emilia and Kit were first spotted in Iceland on sunday and have been there since.


      The hair department went.

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    9. Troy,

      I see, well unless the Belfast sightings have photos I guess it’s hard to prove, whereas there is a photo of them all at the departure lounge.. so I’m going with the Belfast sightings being dubious. That said- they might all have been heading home on Friday back to London

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    10. Clob: Maybe it’s all a confusion tactic – send cast to eat at airports, set up tents that won’t be used, post signs that mean nothing…

      Ha ha !
      Today, on our new episode of “the glamourous life of GOT actors” : being made to eat Starbucks sandwiches in airports to fool fans… 😀

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    11. I recently just finished re-watching S1 and it’s very noticeable that Kings Landing has a very different look from later seasons. I certainly much prefer the Dubrovnik location however I do wonder how much filming will be done there, given everyone is in the North you’d imagine there will be limited scenes until Jon comes to remove Cersei from the throne.

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    12. Clob:
      Maybe it’s all a confusion tactic – send cast to eat at airports, set up tents that won’t be used, post signs that mean nothing…

      “Defrosting in Dubrovnik”

      Stop it, I’m in stitches. 😂😂😂

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    13. Thoros.:
      I think that when Danny and Jon do go back to Kings Landing for the ending theywill both be be on dragons!

      I’m trying to avoid spoilers but I haven’t seen anything to suggest Dany will return to Kings Landing only Jon so far. So either Dany dies in the North or we just haven’t heard about it yet.

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    14. Jon Snowed,

      I’m still resisting the “major spoiler” but my resolve is fading. I don’t want to launch into speculation – tinfoil or otherwise – if it’s already been refuted.

      As I think I’ve already suggested, my hunch would be that Jon returns to KL if he feels he’s the only hope for the 1,000,000 people within the city: Sort of Save the Free Folk Redux.

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    15. Yay! Dubrovnik is so gorgeous! I love that they’re going back for the final season, even if it’s briefly 🙂

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    16. How exactly would Jon get caught by Cersei though? I’m avoiding spoilers but I just don’t see that scenario coming unless he goes rogue again which seems unlikely given he’s just gone North to face the white walkers.

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