Funny Or Die Brings Us A Game of Thrones Music Parody


There’s no shortage of Game of Thrones related humor at Funny or Die. Most recently, the site produced a medley of pop songs with a Game of Thrones twist, parodying Queen, Madonna, the musical, Hamilton and Elvis Big Mama Thornton, among others.

The compilation includes pop odes to Tyrion, Cersei, Jon Snow, Arya and the Hound and an anti-Theon ballad. Which character do you wish they’d tweaked a pop song for? I’d would have enjoyed a Melisandre-centric rendition of “Witchy Woman,” myself.

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    1. “Theon, Theon
      Theon, Theon
      Who knows how long
      I stopped caring about your story”

      I like that one. 😛
      “Livin’ in a Tyrion World” good also

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    2. I must be missing some cultural reference because I didn’t find these funny at all, just awkward. Shrug, wrong culture.

      I think GoT’s main strength is that, while being an American HBO show, it isn’t “typically American”, so it’s hugely popular around the world. It’s something viewers in other countries, other cultures can identify with.

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    3. “Winter is coming” is quite an old joke, we’re Dreaming of Spring here…We had +14 C and sunny here yesterday. Uhm, it later got dumped 15 centimetres (6 inches) of the cold, white stuff. Looks very pretty, makes me think it was good I didn’t change my car’s tyres quite yet. I still have studs to see me through the frozen lanes. I’ll to change tyres soon later.

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    4. talvikorppi,

      I don’t think you (we) are missing cultural references – for me, too, this was awkward, and at times even painful to watch. Humor is a very personal thing, and I think it’s good we don’t all enjoy the same stuff 😉

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    5. I posted some parodies myself here in the past. To name a few:

      Ramsay Bolton – flayin’ alive
      The night king – dont’t stop me now

      Happy to reshare if anyone’s interested

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    6. Perfect songs for each character (this is a work in progress):

      Jaime – “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight” by Cutting Crew

      Bran – “Magic Man” by Heart

      Jon Snow – “You Know Nothing” by The Swans

      Sandor/The Hound – “5-Piece Chicken Dinner” by The Beastie Boys

      Jorah – “Father Figure” by George Michael

      Daenerys – “Light My Fire” by The Doors, “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, “Fire Woman” by The Cult, or “Blood and Fire” by Van Halen

      Night King – “You Shook Me all Night Long” by AC/DC

      Drogon/Viserion/Rhaegal – “Firestarter” by Prodigy, “Set the World on Fire” by David Bowie, or “Fight Fire with Fire” by Metallica.

      Still working on some others, but it’s hard to do this at work, so I’ll pick it back up later.

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    7. I was kind of torn between selecting songs that I personally enjoy vs. just any song that would fit. I’m trying to find songs that I like first, but if I can’t find one, I’ll go with whatever. I like just about all of the songs on the list, though, admittedly, I have never heard “You Know Nothing” by The Swans. It was just too perfect to pass up though.

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