Funko Unleashing New Game of Thrones Toys This Summer!

Jon Snow Ramsay BOTB 2 packFunko’s Pop! Vinyl figures are a favorite of the Game of Thrones fandom, with the company turning out new toys of our favorite characters every year. In May, Funko announced the addition of a half-dozen new figures to the Game of Thrones lines, set to arrive this summer. Now they’ve topped themselves by bringing even more great toy news to the table.

Joining the other Funko Pop! dolls arriving in July is a special 2-pack, a natural combination highlighting an epic face-off from season 6. The new Game of Thrones 2-pack features Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton as they appear at the end of the Battle of the Bastards, Jon with his arrow-riddled Mormont shield, and Ramsay wielding his bow.

This next pair of new additions is exciting for collectors as its the first time we’re seeing Game of Thrones figures in Funko’s Rock Candy line. This August, Daenerys Targaryen (with mini-Drogon!) and Brienne of Tarth will join the Rock Candy line-up.
Daenerys Brienne Rock Candy figure

Also coming this August, Funko is releasing a new series of Dorbz featuring a handful of Thrones faves. The Limited Chase Edition of Melisandre is going to be especially sought-after, as 1- in-6 Melisandre Dorbz produced will glow red!

In addition to the red priestess, you can pick up the new queen of Westeros, Cersei:

Cersei Lannister Dorbz

Jaime Lannister:

Jaime lannister Dorbz

Arya Stark:

Arya Stark Dorbz

Jon Snow, in Stark gear:

Jon Snow Dorbz

And Melisandre, with and without her magic glow!

Regular Melisandre Dorbz


GLowing Melisandre Dorbz

Who’s going shopping this summer? I love that Rock Candy Brienne in particular!

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    1. I want the one with Dany and the little dragon to go with my Dany riding the dragon. Those last ones look odd smiling, esp as the one of jon is frowning!

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    2. I have no idea how many toys and figurines I’ve seen of Dany in dothraki clothes with a dragon on her shoulder.
      It’s seems like a definite fave look of hers for everyone.

      That Mormont shield Jon is holding looks incredible, so well detailed.

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    3. I would like figures like the Legacy eddition. I remember the action figures for Lord of the rings, was just epic! they got a figure for everyone!

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    4. Loving the Jon Snow funko figurine with the shield.

      Those Dorbz are hilarious. I can’t get over the smiling Cersei one.

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    5. They are awful. It’s an odd thing to say about plastic figurines but Dorbz and GoT don’t mix in my world.

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    6. singedbylife:
      They are awful. It’s an odd thing to say about plastic figurines but Dorbz and GoT don’t mix in my world.

      Spot on. My first reaction to those were LOL, wtf. Also, is there ever gonna be a Euron one?

      I miss the days when GoT only had a couple of million viewers =( The commercialization of GoT has hurt the show imo. It is what it is I guess. I just wish some of the younger viewers who aren’t fans of edgy things didn’t treat it like it’s a Disney show because when they complain, the suits listen.

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    7. singedbylife,

      1. Though I would not presume to judge anyone on their taste in toys, I’ve got to agree with you. These plastic Dorbz dolls look like they all have the same painted-on smiley face, with just a little different blotch of “hair” color. Are these things valuable in the collectibles market or something? I don’t get the allure. Anything GoT-related catches my eye and usually triggers an “I want it!” instinctive reaction…but not these.

      2. How much do they charge for the Dorbz dolls anyway? Just curious.

      3. I could change my mind if – and only if – they came out with a Hot Pie doll. With two Wolf Bread accessories. And a bowl and ladle for the gravy. Because some people give up on the gravy. You cannot give up on the gravy!

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    8. LatrineDiggerBrian,

      I don’t disagree with you. The way I see it though, the problem isn’t so much commercialization itself, but the cynical attitude by manufacturers that they can slap the GoT logo on any piece of junk and market it to loyal fans as a collectible.

      [End Rant Part 1]

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    9. [Rant cont.- Part II]

      What irks me is seeing what look like overstocks of unsold stuffed animals re-branded as plush “Direwolves” for $19.99. And up. Plus shipping and handling. And state and local tax. And I see lots of character dolls and figurines that look like mass-produced pong pong balls with supposedly distinguishing features (like orange paint for Sansa).

      Quality merchandise is a different story. I’m not sure why HBO licenses some truly awful shlock, along with some products that are well-made and reasonably priced (like my Sandor figurine 😊).
      If I could’ve justified the frivolous expense and had that kind of dough sitting around, I would have bought the GoT pinball machine that came out a few years ago. (Somewhere well north of $2,000, as I recall.) It was well-made, beautifully illustrated, with the actual voice(s) of the real actor(s).

      Rant Over

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    10. Haha that smiling Cersei made me laugh. Kinda creepy to see her so happy in her dark queen gown. Also I’m thinking the Ramsay figure could have had darker hair or something because I don’t think it quite resembles him. Kinda love the Brienne figure though…

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    11. Ten Bears,

      HBO the channel is great, but whoever they outsource some of their merchandising and marketing stuff to, not so good. I’ve never been that impressed with the way the trailers are cut and DVD box art has always been horrid. And then some of this merchandising…but ya know what, if it makes HBO money, I’m all for it. But I think they could make a lot of money and also put out stuff that is quality (like you say).

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    12. Well, I hit the jackpot today – my local used book store (which also sells music comics and assorted action figures) Just happened to have the funko 6″ figures just sitting there on a shelf. They were charging $10 each, and I was able to use my teacher discount (20%) Plus I had enough store credit to do it. So I am now the proud owner of 12 of them: Jaime, Arya. Brienne, Hound, Robb, John, White Walker, Ned, Brienne. Tyrion, Drogo and Dany! And they are going to keep their eyes open for me if any of my other favs come in (Bran, Cat, Ygritte, Ghost, Hodor…) Its my husband who does the collecting in the house so this is a first for me, but Im loving it and trying to figure out where on earth I am putting them all

      Sorry, Just had to brag!

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