#ForTheThrone: Two Thrones Found!


Remember the latest facet of HBO’s #ForTheThrone campaign we reported on? It looks like the hunt is well under way, with two of the six thrones already discovered…

Sky Atlantic shared the news that the first throne has been found. It was located in, as many of our commenters guessed, Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire, England, a well-known Game of Thrones location throughout the years—since the very beginning, in fact.

Also, a second video on the official site, entitled ‘Throne of the North,’ revealed a far icier back drop than the lush greens of Puzzlewood. Speculation was rife that this snowy scene might be Iceland, given the show’s history with the country but, as HBO Nordic later revealed, the Throne had been discovered in Björkliden, Sweden!

At the time of writing there are four empty empty video slots on the #ForTheThrone page and just under two weeks to go on the countdown clock, which presumably means four more thrones to find before the month is out!

Where do you think the next throne will be located and what will it represent? What are we getting at the end of this real-world viral hunt? Speculate away folks!

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    1. Hodor!

      Puzzlewood is just down the road from me.
      A bit annoying because you have to pay to get in there.

      Somebody must be making a nice little earner from this.

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    2. Maybe somewhere in Croatia, though there’s already one on Lokrum island, I’m guessing maybe some other wild Croatian location.

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    3. I live in Gloucestershire, never heard of Puzzlewood or that it was linked to Game of Thrones so this is a big surprise to me!

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    4. It’s on the Monmouth road close to Coleford in the Forest of Dean.
      It’s been used for a number of Sword & Sorcery shows like “Merlin” and “Excalibur” as well as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. It’s worth checking out, but make sure you go in dry weather as it gets very boggy.

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