New Look at 2016 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar


io9 has a new look at the new 2016 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar featuring some of your favorite moments from the series! It is set to release on July 28th and is also available for preorder.

The calendar will include all original artwork by Magali Villeneuve brilliantly illustrating moments from George R.R. Martin’s epic series.

First we have a look at The Mountain and The Viper for June:


Next up is July with “The Red Lady” featuring Stannis and Melisandre burning the statues of The Seven:


September reminds us how enormous the Iron Throne is as it contrasts Tommen and Ser Pounce:


October illustrates The Bear and The Maiden Fair (featuring The Kingslayer)


And finally, December has Ygritte and the wildling assault on The Wall:


Which moment is your favorite? Which would you still like to see in the calendar? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. I suppose Magali Villeneuve was instructed to copy Marc Simonetti’s interpretation of the iron throne nearly exactly.

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    2. That first drawing, is that Ser Waymar fighting the Others? Or is it Jon Snow fighting multiple others? When did that happen, not counting Hardhome?

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    3. “You are maiden still, I hope? I only rescue Maidens.”

      This is some great stuff. She’s brilliant. Might get one, would be the first time.

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    4. I love the pictures featured in the calendar this year, but rather than have two Daenerys images and three images related to the Wall (they’re not all shown here, but you can find them elsewhere on the internet), I would have rather seen Magali’s interpretation of Sansa or Bran or Margaery.

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    5. I actually like the throne room one best. I like the fact that it visualizes the situation so perfectly: it’s not just the physical throne that is too big and too dangerous for Tommen.

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    6. I will never get over how unspeakably awesome the Iron Throne looks in all the artwork I’ve seen of it.

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    7. Sorry to rain on this particular parade, but as amazing as the artwork is (because it is), it’s getting kinda tiresome to see yet again the Mountain and the Viper, the White Walkers from the prologue, etc.
      I can’t really blame the artists for “lack of ideas”, as it isn’t their fault. It’s more of a lack of new material to work with.

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    8. Queenofthrones: You lucky bastard you!

      Komarcks Jaime, in particular, is still what I see on my head.He’s phenominal.

      I think I can sell you my hung-on-the-wall-for-several-years copy for 500 dollars or so 🙂

      I also love Komarck’s work in general – the lighting he portrays is to die for (speaking as a photographer here) and somehow makes his scenes look very real. Jaime didn’t make it into the 2009 calender, but I assume you mean these:
      The Kingslayer on the Iron Throne is my favorite from those, but there’s not a single image from the calender I’d prefer dropped for it. When Komarck makes a calender, there should be 24 months 😉

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    9. Ren Snow: I don’t think thats the Mercy chapter, its Dareon. Arya slits his throat in an alley and dumps his body in a canal

      No, it is “Mercy”. It says in the calendar…… “IN BRAAVOS….Mercy, Mercy, Mercy…The Winds Of Winter”

      It’s the artist imagining what Arya does after killing Raff.

      “Valar morghulis,” Arya whispered, but Raff was dead and did not hear. She sniffed. I should have helped him down the steps before I killed him. Now I’ll need to drag him all the way to the canal and roll him in. The eels would do the rest. “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,” she sang sadly

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    10. To be honest, I feel a bit let down by the quality of the artwork on this one, compared with Donato Giancola’s 2015 calendar. Just my opinion, of course, and granted (speaking as a working artist myself), there are very few in the industry that can really top Giancola. Maybe they could get Jaime Jones or Tyler Jacobsen or someone of similar caliber to do 2017?

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    11. Tar Kidho,

      yep, throne Jaime in particular. Indeed, I was referring to his illustrations of jaime in general, without regard to what made it into the calendar.

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