Filming in Girona wraps up with final looks at Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Roger Ashton-Griffiths and, of course, extras


Game of Thrones finished up production in Girona, leaving us with a final flurry of videos and photos of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Roger Ashton-Griffith and extras from King’s Landing and possibly Braavos. Potential spoilers below. 

Chantal Gallena posted a video of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Roger Ashton-Griffiths filming a scene between Jaime Lannister and Mace Tyrell on horseback. Though Ashton-Griffith’s face isn’t visible in the video, Gallena confirmed that it was, indeed, the Tyrell patriarch.

Gallena also posted a video of Tyrell soldiers marching through the streets of King’s Landing. Though it’s clearly from the scene photographed earlier this week, the speed of the march offers a sense of the scene’s urgent tone.

Toni Millán tweeted some photos from Sant Peter de Galligant. Sources have been unable to confirm whether the Benedictine abbey was used as a set for Oldtown or Braavos. However, the hairstyle of the female extra in the first photo below strongly suggests the latter.


Galligants2 Galligants4 Galligants3

Els Bastards tweeted photos of King’s Landing extras. Their costumes hint at some of the stylistic changes we can expect in season 6 now that April Ferry has come on board as costume designer following Michele Clapton’s departure.

KingsLandingX KingsLanding4 KingsLanding2 Lastly, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau bid farewell to Girona earlier today in a heartfelt tweet.

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    1. This is awesome. I love that huge feather plume on top of Mace Tyrell’s helm and the way he carries himself on horseback. He’s such a fancy man.

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    2. The extras in the photos at Sant Peter de Galligant are members of the group Of Monsters and Men, I believe. This season’s musical cameo?

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    3. Damn, this is killing me…

      Soooo when is the first teaser trailer? Usually med February right?

      So 5 Months to see actual finished scenes…

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    4. That feather adorning Mace Tyrell’s helmet is so gloriously absurd. It’s perfect. I laughed when I saw it, and I guarantee I’ll laugh again when I actually see it in the context of the episode. Just looking at that thing had to cause Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to break character at least once.

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    5. Mihnea,

      I think that’s right….
      Although I think we’ve seen new footage in the HBO Year End video sometimes. Very brief new footage, but new nonetheless….

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    6. Arthur,

      Last year we got our first look at the new season at the end of January when they showed episodes 4.9 and 4.10 in IMAX theatres.

      I really hope they do that again this year … Game of Thrones is made for IMAX!!

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    7. I have no problem with the Tyrell force’s armor (already discussed at length under a previous story), but I do get an Alice in Wonderland vibe when I see it. Maybe it’s the helmets.

      I had a nice chuckle at Mace’s feather, too. Lovely touch.

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    8. I’m beginning to think whatever happens in KL is going to do the same as The Siege of Riverrun for Jaime. Basically, show how he has matured and how he’s takes much wiser decisions that reduce conflict and show he has more of a grasp of the bigger picture.

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    9. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Hopefully they do, in fact, include the siege of Riverrun. Good character development for Jaime, plus we get Edmure and Blackfish back and the Freys and also maybe Genna Lannister if those rumours prove legit.

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    10. It doesn’t make sense for it to be him, but in Toni Millan’s last photo of the tower, the person being filmed looks like Aidan Gillen aka Littlefinger

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    11. TheTouchOfFrost:
      I’m beginning to think whatever happens in KL is going to do the same as The Siege of Riverrun for Jaime. Basically, show how he has matured and how he’s takes much wiser decisions that reduce conflict and show he has more of a grasp of the bigger picture.

      Had the same thought yesterday. And I wonder whether Queen of Thorns will be used to replace Jaime’s Aunt.

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    12. Greywind:
      Damn. Nobody caught anything of the battle on the stairs?

      I know, I was thinking the same thing. Was really looking forward to seeing something, anything, of that.

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    13. In Toni Millans pics, it sure looks like the band Of Monsters and Men. Not sure if they’re performing or just fanboys who got to play extras. Big guy is Ragnar, the woman is lead singer Nanna Bryndis, and the guy with long hair and beard is definitely in the band from recent pics, but beard is new and not sure who it is.

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    14. This is way off topic but does anyone know if there is any sort of list of actors who’ve auditioned for roles in GoT that eventually went to someone else? I know there are audition tapes out there of people who obviously didn’t get the part (like Alex from Lost reading for Obara) but I’m curious if we know about any actors who auditioned for Cersei, Jamie, Varys, Jorah, etc. Kind of like how Tom Selleck was famously supposed to play Indiana Jones and couldn’t get out of his Magnum PI contract. Any GoT tales like this?

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    15. Dragonslayer:

      I only know about GoT actors who initially auditioned for another part on the show:
      Iwan Rheon as Jon Snow
      Carice van Houten as Cersei Lannister
      Anton Lesser as Maester Luwin

      Wow, Iwan would have been a terrible Jon Snow! Thanks for that. Also, there is that whole Purefoy thing out there too. And of course the recasts for Catelyn and Dany. I would love to get my hands on that original pilot one day!

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    16. Great parting shots, thanks to everyone who contributed.

      I am glad they didn’t show any more than they did. I was getting to the point of “I want to see this on the episode” not know everything ahead of time. While I love me my spoilers, I don’t want to ruin the new season. *angel face*

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    17. JCDavis,

      Ahh, my dilema. Now that I’m an unsullied, I want to go in blind, so I can finally have that feeling people hand during RW/FTW…etc.

      On the other hand, I need my GOT fix!!! 🙂

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    18. red viper: I really hope they do that again this year … Game of Thrones is made for IMAX!!

      Yes, please. Except I want to see Episode 8 – Hardhome, as well on the screen. I could/would sit through 3 hours of IMAX GoT

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    19. Squeeee! Actually Nikolaj on the horse this time, not a stunt double! Riding with one golden hand must be an extra challenge 😉

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    20. Mace is wearing surprisingly practical armor. I would have expected many more unnecessary flourishes. He is not even wearing a cloak! Those always look dramatic: but they actually increase drag and give the enemy something to grab. (They were, however, good for keeping sunlight off of armor: which in turn cut down on over-heating, which was a common problem for knights.)

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    21. Sunfyre,

      I’m doing a re-watch of BSG at the moment … great show!

      I never knew that Tricia Helfer had auditioned for Cersei – that’s interesting because when I was reading the books, long before the show began, she was who I had cast in my mind as Cersei! Of course now I can’t imagine anyone but Lena – she IS Cersei. I hope she wins the Emmy on Sunday!

      I had also cast Eva Green as Melisandre!

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    22. So this Jaime scene at the sept is supposed to be Episode 6 (as per the story on it posted here a day or two ago)? So Jaime going to the Riverlands then presumably won’t happen until the last few episodes of the season? Will we see the Riverlands at all until the last few episodes of the season?

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    23. red viper,

      I agree, BSG is awesome. Imperfect but still great.

      Yeah I think for a while there Helfer was a top fan choice for Cersei, long before Lena was on the radar screen. She tweeted about auditioning and I seem to remember she became a big fan of the books. Tricia would have been great but Lena has definitely made the role her own. She’s so memorable and nuanced. An iconic role for her. She deserves to win the Emmy.

      Interesting to think about all the what-ifs in casting. Like what if Liam Neeson were Ned? Or Christina Hendricks were Melisandre? I remember a big one was Gerard Butler as Stannis! Some of these seem crazy now.

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    24. Tricia Helfer would have made an excellent Cersei, but as others have already said, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone but Lena in the role, at this point. I can’t help but wonder if Helfer’s height may have been part of the deciding factor, especially if Mark Addy had already been cast.

      Count me as another who l-o-v-e-d BSG.

      (so say we all!)

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    25. Black Aly,

      That was a fun read! Thanks for posting it.

      The funny thing is, after reading through it, what really stuck with me is I wish Gillian Anderson had accepted the role of Cora on Downton. I’m sorry to say, Elizabeth McGovern has always driven me a little nuts in the role.

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    26. Wimsey,

      I thought the large pauldrons looked a bit silly. Makes sense that Mace would want to look more “macho” though.

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    27. I really want to know what the Umber soldiers will look like. No more news on that winter battle?

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    28. Laura,

      Harry Lloyd(Viserys) auditioned for the role of Jon Snow. Kit has grown into the role, but part of me still wishes Lloyd would have got the part.

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    29. Mihnea,


      What I meant was that he’d get the same type of character development in a different way.


      I’d prefer Genna, to be honest. QoT was pretty forgettable in the books for me (honestly can’t remember her doing much of anything!), yet Genna was one of my favourite minor characters. I can’t see Jaime being particularly open to Olenna like he is with his aunt who actually seems pretty kind…except to her husband and other Freys!

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    30. Tyrion Pimpslap,
      Interesting. I believe I read at one time that Joe Dempsie (Gendry) had also auditioned for the role of Jon Snow. After five seasons, it’s difficult to imagine a switched scenario: Dempsie as Jon Snow and Harington as Gendry! 😮

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    31. I’m wondering if Raül Tortosa has been cast in a small role.

      Roger Ashton-Griffiths has replied to Tortosa’s tweet.

      Rog Ashton-Griffiths
      ‏@ashtongriffiths Rog Ashton-Griffiths retweeted Raül Tortosa – actor
      It was a privilege and a pleasure, Raül. You and ‘your men’ were outstanding. Rog Ashton-Griffiths added,
      Raül Tortosa – actor @Raul_Tortosa
      @ashtongriffiths it has been great having you here!

      I would think he’s probably a minor Tyrell bannerman.

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    32. Luka Nieto,

      This tweet from August 18 confirms his involvement, although he does use the hashtag #Idontmindifitsjustforasecond
      This tweet from September 13 suggest he has more “good news” (from GoT)
      He also tweets Jack Bender basically saying goodbye.

      Furthermore he mentions his costume fitting. And he follows WotW on Twitter. Good man!

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    33. Nymeria Warrior Queen:
      Black Aly,

      That was a fun read!Thanks for posting it.

      The funny thing is, after reading through it, what really stuck with me is I wish Gillian Anderson had accepted the role of Cora on Downton.I’m sorry to say, Elizabeth McGovern has always driven me a little nuts in the role.

      It’s the head tilt with the downcast, but yet looking up, eyes.

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    34. Ravyn,

      Did you miss the part where I said I can’t imagine anyone but Lena in the role, at this point?


      She was offered Cersei without having to audition for it, but she chose to play Melisandre?

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    35. Greenjones,

      Ah, thank you, that makes much more sense than her being offered the role of Cersei without having to audition for it, but choosing to go for Melisandre and having to audition for it. 🙂

      SciFiFantasyGirl: It’s the head tilt with the downcast, but yet looking up, eyes.

      That’s part of it, yes. Another part is she’s obviously had “work done,” and that bothers me, just in general, but in a period show it really takes me out of it, and there’s more, but I don’t really want to bash the woman.

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    36. Spoiler thought
      Margery truly or for REVENGE stays a Faithful convert to be a MOLE to get info from Tommen ABOUT CERSEI & JAIME!
      Jaime comes back all wanting to be open fatherly and tells Tommen the truth, who in turn spills it to he long lost love Margery!
      BOOM during the Trial Margery gets back at Cersei by outing her incest and lie to the Sparrow. Only drawback is that takes her position as Queen away, which would mean she really was a convert too willing to be a Septa or give up riches.
      Jaime is already gone for other reasons and a rift with Cersei.
      Cersei calls for the trial by Combat using Robert Strong monster but we get the plea letter to Jaime to still come and help save her.
      Some people are complaining Jaime is again taking other character roles but IT MAKES SENSE he would be the one returned as head of the Kingsguard to get The Queen back and the photo shoot show TOMMEN THERE with her so it’s THE FATHER’S SAVING THEIR CHILDREN.

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    37. Galli,

      Carice was offered Cersei, she didn’t have to audition for it

      Noooooo! Carice’s decision denied viewers five NCW/Carice nude sex scenes, instead we got fully clothed Jaime/Cersei sex, #!&@’g bummer.

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    38. Ravyn:

      Jennifer Ehle was the origin Catelyn in the never seen pilot. I forget the actress who played Dany in that.

      The original Dany was Tamzin Merchant. She was best known for her role in The Tudors. Based on her Wiki picture, she’d make a good Gilly.

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