On the Fandom Road: Now My Watch Begins

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Today’s piece is the first in a series; throughout the final season of Game of Thrones, you will see many Watchers sharing the story of their walk along the Fandom Road. Everyone has taken a different path, at their own pace, but ultimately we all came together here. The series is less of a farewell to GoT and more of a tribute to the power of fandom, and the community that has always been the most important thing to us at Watchers on the Wall. Even in the Long Night, when there were no episodes, we had each other, and you all. So thank you for reading, and sharing, and joining us on the Wall.

I never planned on Game of Thrones becoming such a large part of my existence; like so many things, it crept up on me in a sidelong manner and tapped me on the shoulder, and now I can’t imagine it not being with me all my life. The story has changed me, the community has changed me, and you can’t unblow that horn.

I first heard of A Song of Ice and Fire in early 2005 when some friends were reading the books; if my then-boyfriend hadn’t urged me to read it, I might have passed it by entirely until the TV show came along. I fell in love with the series that year and gobbled it up, my affair with the books lasting far longer than the one with the man who recommended them to me. By the time A Feast for Crows was published later that year, I was obsessed and rushing straight from work to Barnes & Noble to pick up the book the day it was published.

Like everyone, I had my favorite characters from the start. Growing up in Massachusetts rambunctious and rejecting of all things “girly”, and an insatiable reader, I was drawn to Arya and Sam, and Brienne’s unconventional vulnerability. When I finished the books, I was 26, and unmoored, and only vaguely aware of what I was capable of. I understood the desire to wander free, the need for a quest, and the refusal to believe that anyone could appreciate you for yourself.

So much changes in just a few years! By the time HBO announced they were ordering a pilot in late 2008, and it was in the hands of some dudes I’d never heard of, I was living in Ohio. I was a new mother, and a new widow.

Everything changes when you come out on the other side of watching people you love die. I didn’t understand that before, not truly. When I read A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords again, it wasn’t Arya’s role I fell into; it was Cat. Hollowed out by grief, yet persevering for her offspring. Surviving the experience taught me you can do anything if you have to. It also speaks to the power of George R.R. Martin’s writing that the story remained just as brilliant, despite my shifting perspective. Even now, ten years later as I heal and grow in new ways, I continue to find additional nuances to the characters, I connect to different voices. Sometimes I’m Sansa, I’m Varys, I’m Jon Snow, I’m just a little bit Ned, and sometimes on a rough day, I’m even Cersei. Part of me will always be Arya and Cat.

Being a big nerd in 2011 when ADWD was published. Yes it's been 8 years.

Being a big nerd in 2011 when ADWD was published. Yes it’s been 8 years.

The birth of the TV show gave me fresh light in a dark time. Occasionally something as a simple as a new series to look forward to can make all the difference. I’d spend time every day checking in on WiC and Westeros, to see what the latest gossip or fancasting was. Eventually I gained the courage to start commenting, and when the time for the show to premiere came, I started a tumblr. That tumblr connected me even further to the fandom, particularly to the amazing women who give so much creative lifeblood to the fandom with their meta, fan art and gifs. Tumblr’s where I met Bex, and how I came to the attention of the guys at WiC who eventually offered me a position writing with them.

And of course, ultimately we spun off from WiC to found Watchers on the Wall. The person who sat reading alone in her kitchen wishing she had someone to talk to about these stories could never have imagined what a global phenomenon Game of Thrones has become. But more importantly, I couldn’t have imagined what I have done, running Watchers with my friends, helping out with Con of Thrones now for the third year in a row, and learning how to manage multiple gigs at once while being a mother and a healthy human being. I couldn’t have had all these adventures and I couldn’t have become who I am now without the story, the show and all of you along the way.

So what now, facing the end? What happens after this final season is a mystery that we can’t understand or control as fans. But we didn’t know what would happen with Game of Thrones, either; it could’ve been a complete failure after the disastrous pilot, with the show scrapped and never heard from again. Despite it seeming like an obvious juggernaut from the start with our rosy hindsight, it wasn’t. Originally, GoT was a gamble for HBO and its creators and this anxiety over the spinoff is familiar to those of us who were here from the start. It’s comfortable and dare I say exciting? We have a future and a world of possibilities, and a long road ahead of us.

This is not the end. Our watch is only beginning.

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    1. Thanks, Sue! I’m happy to read your story. I may add more when I’m on a computer instead of my phone. I’ll just express my gratitude for WotW for now. I was a participant on WiC before the series and those first seasons but of course immediately migrated here at the start. It retained what I enjoyed for our community. I don’t know what I would have done without this place… especially all day during the work week when I’m on here instead of doing other things. 😃

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    2. That was beautiful, Sue. I think we the fans and posters here were lucky to have this site (wic in the beginning), you and the whole WOTW team. Thank you for sharing your path.

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    3. Thank you so much for sharing this deeply personal story, and for everything you’ve done in creating and maintaining this community.

      Funny, for several weeks I’ve been meaning to write about my own road to fandom and why these characters and community mean so much to me. Your timing is stellar, and I can’t wait to read all the other admins’ stories.

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    4. Thanx Sue for sharing and for all your hard work. Hopefully you guys will continue during the prequel(s).

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    5. Thank you, Sue, for sharing your story and giving us Watchers on the Wall. Being a part of this community has enriched my life beyond measure and given me new friends at a time when I need them.

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    6. Thank you for all your hard work *profound bow*. Shout out to all WoW staff and members. This site has been so valuable, especially for we “Unsullied”, who needed a safe and friendly place to geek out over the Throne-iverse. Best wishes to you and your family, Sue the Fury.

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    7. Lovely article, and a great idea for a series – I look forward to reading the rest. I think pretty much all of our lives are different in some way to when we are started out with the series (apart from people who have only recently started), but the one constant is our love of Game of Thrones (and/or ASoIaF). I know that without Wicnet (at the start) and WotW I would have missed out on reading some amazing discussions/articles from talented writers and commenters. I’d have still enjoyed the show, but it would have been missing something.

      These final six weeks are going to fly by I’m sure, but I will continue to love the show no matter what, and come here to read everyone’s (hopefully positive) thoughts. The spin-off is the spin-off, I’ve expressed my misgivings before despite the great cast and crew, but no matter how good it is nothing will replicate these past few years. The show’s ending will purportedly be bittersweet, and that is exactly how I feel right now, but I do think it is the right time for the show to end. Here’s to the final few weeks!

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    8. I must admit I got into the hype train rather late. I hadn’t heard of the books and it wasn’t until Season 3 or 4 I believe that I was at the point of following the show as it aired.

      Despite being initially hesitant to commit to such a fantasy series, I’m glad I took the plunge. For the initial convolutedness of it all gave way to political intrigue and masterful writing that I was gradually able to appreciate. And watching each episode as it airs is something else entirely.

      It’s been a long years (definitely not as long as you) and here we are, at the end of this journey. I intend to follow the production of the new spin-off more closely. Just finished my Season 1-7 rewatch last week and tried chronicling it through a For The Throne series.

      Winter is Here folks.

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    9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a long time community member (WiC and WotW), I know how much of yourself you’ve poured into this wonderful project. So grateful for how you’ve unknowingly enriched this experience! Hope to see you at 2019 Con

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    10. That was beautiful! Thank you, Sue…and to everyone at WOTW for strengthening this community. Being a fan of this show – and the books – has put us on a journey. I’m approaching tonight with excitement, sadness and apprehension. I have no idea how I’ll feel when this ends.

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    11. I’ve missed your voice around here, having been here from the beginning, albeit sporadically. I totally get the whole “having a TV series to look forward to” aspect. I used to think “I can’t die until I see the end of Buffy” or “I can’t die until I see how Lost ends” and Game of Thrones has definitely been the latest in my TV obsessions.

      I lost 2 shows I loved in the last 2 weeks (Fleabag, which is incredible and everyone here should watch it, and You’re the Worst) and both nailed their landings. I am hoping that 5 weeks from now, I can say the same about GoT. But what then? Buffy ended in spring 2003 and Lost premiered that fall. Lost ended spring 2010 and Game of Thrones premiered the next spring. Hopefully, some time in the next year, my new obsession will reveal itself. If not, I guess my 47th rewatch will be in order.

      Thanks to Sue and all those who created this site, which has been a great place to speculate and converse with super intelligent fans and for me to constantly throw my love for Lady Stoneheart out there! Happy Premiere day to all – and now our watch resumes!

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    12. Thanks Sue.
      I remember early on finding WIC and then all the sudden discovering WotW. I found myself always coming back here and reading the interesting articles and posts. I loved seeing the secret filming photos, but I’m not one who needs a spoiler. I do like feeling I was a bit in the know and I could have a hint of what was to come while waiting in between seasons. I love you can cover spoilers on WotW. I always feel safe here and I enjoy reading everyone’s comments. There are some really funny folks on WotW who can also be very serious, passionate and knowledgeable about the stories and characters. I look forward to returning all during this season and in the wars that past (as the prequel begins).

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    13. I started posting here just after season 7 finished airing, and let me say that it’s been a joy. A big thank you for keeping things going and all the great articles. As it happens, this is my 200th subscribed article on WotW! (I wonder how many times I mention or talk about Arya in my comments in those articles.. Don’t answer that! 🙂 ).

      Can’t believe we’re here now, at the start of season 8..!

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    14. It’s been such a journey being on this site since season 6. I think the greatest case study that’s come from this dedicated community is noticing the disparity between us hardcore fans and casuals. The things we delve into detail on and debate over are simply whimsical musings to those who only have a passive interest in the show. So it’s always nice to come on here and expect that I’m going to see high quality discussion with a largely mature audience.

      Huge shout out to the moderators and admins who keep this site afloat. And huge thanks to all of the contributors and posters who imbue this site with engaging activity and excitement.

      Experiencing the end of any chapter is sorrowful. But at least we’ll be able to face it head on as a singular community. That should mitigate some of my sadness. As I’m sure the ending and what’s to come with keep us discussing for many more years.

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    15. Thanks a lot for sharing Your story and for all the work and enthusiasm You and Your WotW-fellows put in this site! Ther’s no day that I don’t read her and sometimes comment – but word’s don’t come easy, because English is a foreign language for me and I’m not as eloquent in this language as I wished to be.

      For You all out there overseas the watch of s8e1 begins in 5 and a half hours – I don’t know, when I will have the possibility to watch, because it depends on the goodwill of fellows, who actually are climbing in Italian mountains; don’t know, when they will come back.

      So I have to stay apart from this wonderful and inspiring site the next time, not to be spoilered. This is veryvery hard for me, harder than to wait for the last season through this long night, that is over now.

      I wish You all much fun and pleasure while watching and in the following discussions!

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    16. Thank you Sue, for this wonderful, heartfelt story and for starting Watchers On the Wall!!🙌🏻Without you, your perseverance and your friends at Watchers, I know my experience with Game of Thrones would have been quite different! YOU all made me so excited with every blog post and every chat, there was so much I didn’t quite understand, only to turn to WOTW for an informed discussion! WOTW and GoT has changed my life! I hope to always be a part of this great fandom and WOTW, whatever their future holds! Good Luck Sue and everyone at WOTW! You are the BEST!❤️🥰🐲⚔️👑

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    17. My thanks to you Sue also and all the others that write articles and run this website.

      TBH, I’d never heard of GRRM let alone his ASOIAF novels. Was back in 2011 when clicking through the channels on Sky Atlantic when a saw a new series called ‘Game of Thrones’ was announced. Having always enjoyed watching historical films, costume dramas and documentaries, I thought I’d give it a try… I loved it and they rest as they say is history!

      Looking for more information on the web, I came across WotW around the time before S5 was aired. I had checked out a few other sites before such as Westeros.org and WiC, but decided this website was the best by far. Not only the team and contributors who write the articles, but the membership in general. The comments always make for an interesting (and sometimes amusing) read.

      I hope WotW continues to flourish long after S8 comes to an end. Its been a good ride and certainly through the ‘dark ages’ between the seasons… This one especially 😉

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    18. Thank you, Sue. That was lovely.

      When I turned 17 I became an emancipated minor and proceeded to travel North America. It was early 2005 and I had no idea what the future would bring. I simply needed to escape my old life and find somewhere new. I’d long been a science fiction fan first and foremost, but when I embarked on that quest — when I found forests and mountain trails and beautifully glistening rivers — I realized I was living in a world of fantasy. I became an avid reader of the genre.

      I was still a vagrant when the news first broke that Jason Momoa was slated to join a certain upcoming HBO series. I knew Momoa from Stargate Atlantis, so I took notice. I began reading A Song of Ice and Fire almost immediately, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it changed my life. Of all the stories I had read with young and uncertain people wandering off into the unknown, facing worlds fraught with danger and finding something of themselves along the way, nothing compared to what George RR Martin had created. I was drawn to Jon and Arya the most; Jon went elsewhere because he was a bastard with no inheritance, and Arya took on many faces in her travels. I found my perspective. In the process, I rather found myself.

      Fast forward all these years and I’m attending college for a degree in cultural anthropology. I write stories of my own when I’m not nose-deep in books and I’ve entertained the notion of getting into the entertainment journalism industry. I even changed my legal name to reflect the person I feel like I’ve become rather than the person I once was.

      And Game of Thrones has been with me — with all of us — along the way. George and David and Dan and all the rest of them, they’ve taught me more and more and more about myself. It’s a strange thing, but it feels right. Game of Thrones is rife with conflict; life is rife with conflict. Game of Thrones is packed with adventure; life is packed with adventure. Game of Thrones is set in a world of great mystery; you get the picture. And, most of all, Game of Thrones tells a story that is eminently human.

      We’re going to miss it. But like you said, Sue… our watch is just beginning.

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    19. I’ve loved the community and your recaps, Sue! Thank you for bringing together other brilliant writers to build the best GoT fansite by far.

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    20. Hello fellow watchers.
      This is my first post on here however I have been reading posts for a long time now. I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of articles and the depth people go into with their comments. I look forward to the discussions that will happen over the coming weeks and thank all those who have put such hard work into this site.
      Not long to go now!

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    21. Sorry I have been so MIA so I’m behind on some info: how long is tonight’s episode??? And does it have a title?

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    22. Thanks to all the Watchers! And thank you Sue for sharing your story (sorry for your loss) — what great power books can have to help us heal. Looking forward to the rest of your personal stories. I for one will be watching the premiere from JFK and will definitely be buying WiFi to finish it on the flight 😭😂😭😂

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    23. Dee Stark:
      Sorry I have been so MIA so I’m behind on some info: how long is tonight’s episode??? And does it have a title?

      Welcome back. 54 minutes/no title

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    24. Thank you Sue for your wonderful work here. And interesting to read how you got here. Where would we and this site be without you?
      I discovered GOT shortly before season 3. Never heard of it before in my country (Belgium). The first 2 episodes on YouTube, the rest I had to find somewhere else. I really got hooked from the very first minute. But it was hard for me to follow without subtitles. So I looked for more information on the internet. I got spoiled about Ned’s dead and the Red wedding. It took a while before I found out about WIC, but I was here on WOTW since the beginning. After season 3 I read the books in English during my summer vacation. It was difficult again to understand everything, but after a while I got into it. Now after all these years I read fluently in English. But writing is a lot harder. I’m very good in seeing grammar and spelling mistakes with other people, but to write without mistakes myself isn’t going perfectly yet. But it’s going a lot better since I started writing here.

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    25. I was a bit of a latecomer to both the show and the books. I’d been aware of the buzz about the books for years, and had them on my “To-Read” list, but the advent of the show was what motivated me finally to read them. Since I didn’t have cable at the time, I put off watching the first seasons until they came out on DVD. That gave me time to keep a few steps ahead with the books. Worked out well.

      All of this was also well-timed in terms of me feeling the need for a new active fandom to join. I had been a serious Potterhead and made a number of lasting friendships via the website The Leaky Cauldron, where I was known as Weeny Owl. (By the time I got here, I was already familiar with Wimsey’s handle, logo and style of writing/argumentation from the Chamber of Secrets online forum, which was sort of the Westeros.org of the Potterverse.) But Leaky went through a sort of crash-and-burn phase, and I didn’t drift back when it started functioning again at a reduced level. All the (pre-Fantastic Beasts) movies had come out, and it seemed time to move on.

      WIC is where I landed first. I stuck an occasional toe in the waters at Westeros.org, which should have been my new home, considering that my primary allegiance is to the books. But I kept hearing warnings about that being a hellishly confrontational place, so, although I didn’t spend enough time there to witness any of the rumored ugliness, I started checking out the more TV-oriented sites instead. I liked WIC, and still visit there occasionally. Somehow I missed the big brouhaha that caused Sue and several others to emigrate and create Watchers, so I didn’t leave in any sort of a huff. I just found the posts and discussions here more content-focused and most of the regulars more reasonable. (The one person who was most prone to going into attack mode and occasionally made my time at WotW miserable seems to have bailed for good, for which I am thankful.)

      Anyway, for the past several years, WotW has become a rich and rewarding part of my life. Though I am happy to know that some semblance of it will carry on, resurfacing when there are updates about the prequels and so on, I will certainly miss my daily fix of GoT news and all of your clever and enthusiastic reactions to it. It makes me rather sad to think that I won’t have regular interactions with all my newfound Watcher friends. I wish I knew of an ASoIaF online hangout that doesn’t have the toxicity associated with Westeros.org and the various Reddit boards.

      I wonder what fandom will consume me next. Upcoming, I’m most excited about Good Omens, but that’s only one season. His Dark Materials may take off and last a while. And eventually, I’m hoping that the Boat Rocker/Temple Street TV series of The Fionavar Tapestry, now in the early stages of development, will do full justice to the brilliance of Guy Gavriel Kay and win him the huge worldwide fanbase that he deserves.

      Hope to cross paths with all of you again, somewhere down the road. Thanks so much to you all – mods and regs alike – for the many hours of engagement and enjoyment!

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    26. Dee Stark:
      Jack Bauer 24,

      Why no titles ?

      No idea. Maybe they’ll add the premeire title when they add the episode to HBO NOW tonight at 9. If they don’t add it tonight, then either there aren’t any titles (which would be strange) or HBO just forgot 😀

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    27. Jack Bauer 24,

      There has to be Titles- GOT has been known for its amazing titles unlike any other show – we’ve come to speak of various events through these titles and they’ve always had such significance- think Baelor think Blackwater think the rains of castamere or hardhome – even episodes like and now his watch has ended or the Lion and the Rose , Two Swords , The bear and the Maiden fair
      I refuse to believe the final season will just be episode 1 episode 2 and so on
      On that note – what’s everyone’s favourite title – not episode – but titles regardless of what happened

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    28. Thank you Sue, for sharing your story, and for all you do to keep this site running, for all of us.

      SO Stoked for this. Passing through Barcelona…. so the alarm clock is set for…. yikes. Just about three hours!!!

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    29. First and foremost, I want to show my unbridled respect and admiration for you, Sue, and all the contributors to WoTW. You’re story is both heart wrenching and triumphant, and your posts are always a delight. Just to name a couple more I can remember off the top of the head, Luka, Clob, and my favorite commenter, Ten Bears…well done!! Mad props and much respect! I came in late to watching the series, and stumbled onto WoTW shortly after beginning the journey with season 1, and have been thoroughly impressed and entertained by the thoughts here, and have left a comment or two myself. Now, that being said…

      A man is perched upon his iron recliner, ready to join all of the rest of the fandom, in watching the last hurrah of one of the finest pieces of TV entertainment ever, and a man realizes he still has 3 more hours to wait like everyone else. Dammit.

      A man looks forward to tomorrow’s new post and comments after the epic-ness begins!

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    30. Sansa’s Knight:
      Jack Bauer 24,
      There has to be Titles- GOT has been known for its amazing titles unlike any other show – we’ve come to speak of various events through these titles and they’ve always had such significance- think Baelor think Blackwater think the rains of castamere or hardhome – even episodes like and now his watch has ended or the Lion and the Rose , Two Swords , The bear and the Maiden fair
      I refuse to believe the final season will just be episode 1 episode 2 and so on
      On that note – what’s everyone’s favourite title – not episode – but titles regardless of what happened

      I would be beyond shocked if season 8 didn’t have episode titles, and I agree that they have had a marked significance in identifying each episode, sometimes cleverly conveying several meanings for what happens in it.

      As for my favourite, I’ll have to (kind of) cheat and go with two because they play off one another in a very interesting way: Oathkeeper (4×04) and Oathbreaker (6×03). Oathkeeper refers to Jamie and keeping his oath to Catelyn while Oathbreaker refers to Ned and the way he lied about the events of the Tower of Joy.

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    31. Firannion,

      Upcoming, I’m most excited about Good Omens, but that’s only one season. His Dark Materials may take off and last a while. And eventually, I’m hoping that the Boat Rocker/Temple Street TV series of The Fionavar Tapestry, now in the early stages of development, will do full justice to the brilliance of Guy Gavriel Kay and win him the huge worldwide fanbase that

      Yes! Knew about the first two, but not the last! Finally, crossing fingers that its not screwed up (that was my first thought way back when, hearing that ASOIAF was going to be a series, fortunately they didn’t and the rest was history.

      Love reading all these stories (and my heart breaks at the beginning for you Sue, but you’ve made such an amazing journey through the years. I hope your child knows what an amazing person you are!)

      Back in 2000 I began to put a toe into the internet world, and came across a reading site from the Atlantic magazine called Table Talk. It was my first foray in any kind of book discussion since school and I was emerged into a world filled with amazingly well read and articluate readers, some of whom I am still friends with on other book sites. It was there that someone mentioned this series of his top fantasy novel, and thats all it took. I was totally hooked and read along with others in discussions of books and authors across the world that I would never have known about.

      When I heard about the tv series several of us went to Westreous which was way too negative for me even for a book reader and found WIC Loved the excelent writers and discussions, and was glad that WOW turned into an even better version of the first. I was glad to know that I could be a part of these discussions, that I had something to contribute, and got such pleasure from the discussions each year

      This site kept me sane when for two years I was on medical leave and was stuck at home for much of the time. I will never forget how much I treasured being able to communicate with others around the world about this show.

      Thanks to the moderators, contributors and posters who have made this my virtual home for a while. You have made me question, changed my mind made me laugh hysterically, broke my heart and angered me to no end. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Funny that I am retiring at the end of this school year, so will be leaving behind two beloved places. But I look forward to new books and new ideas in other places. Cheers to the last season and the start of a new chapter!

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    32. Ah crap, I have something in my eye… O_T

      Love to you, Sue. What you and the rest of the WotW crew create here amazes me. The other day I was thinking about what would happen to this site after GOT… was sad thinking it would disappear. I love lurking here lol. This site has seen me through a miserable time during my divorce years ago and then the better life after. So it has a little special place in my heart. It’s probably my favorite website. I came here to lurk on posts since I hardly knew anyone that watched or read the books and although I don’t contribute huge theories or replies I do feel like part of a great community. I plan to still visit if you all keep it going for the new spin-offs! Happy Premiere night guys!! 🙂

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    33. Thank you so much, Sue, for sharing your story and for helping to make this fantastic site what it is today.

      I began my journey with ASoIaF back in 2003 when a friend (who has refused all these years to watch the show despite my cajoling!) told me how great the books were. When I found out that there would be a series, I started looking for info on it and stumbled upon Westeros.org. I really wanted a group to geek out with about the show (since my sf/f friend was being a stubborn poo-head), but I felt VERY uncomfortable and unwelcome over there. After being attacked for an innocent post and reading all of the vitriol towards other posters and the show itself, I went looking for greener pastures and boy’ did I find them at WiC and subsequently WotW! The fun and frolic and fabulously welcoming folks here have been a haven for me when I’m feeling…well, other, if you know what I mean.

      Here, I’ve always felt that I could contribute to the discussions–if I had anything to contribute–even if I wasn’t in the majority. And when I was flat out wrong about something, I didn’t feel attacked when corrected. Even after I went back to work full time and only had time to lurk, I felt and still feel a part of the group when I see the familiar names that I’ve seen lo these many years, still hanging out to geek with me and make me smile! In many ways, it has made me a better person to experience the acceptance, tolerance, and flat out care that all of you exhibit in relating to each other–being careful of spoiling, thanking each other, amiably agreeing to disagree. As an American these days, it is a welcome reminder that not everything in the world has gone to shit.

      Thanks, Watchers gang, for giving me the precious gift of belonging that this site brings, and for sharing the global experience of a lifetime that GoT has become.

      Looking forward to sharing the rest of the story with you-all and hopefully the prequel to come!

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    34. Quinton O'Connor,

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Quinton. The people in my immediate sphere love my love of ASoIaF and GoT, but they don’t fully understand all the whys of it. The last four years of my life have been very—forgive me for using the “b” word—bittersweet, and GoT and this community have meant more than I can express in words during the bitter parts. They’ve also inspired me to do better and more and not give up on my dreams, fantastical as they may seem.

      It’s always comforting to meet a fellow traveler. Keep dreaming and doing.

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    35. I will never NOT be amazed at how the internet and sites like this one bring people together. Game of Thrones is the first show that ever nudged me to join a fan site, and so far the only one. That, of course, is in no small part due to the people that run it and put in a crazy amount of work, and the people subjected to my snarkasm on an almost daily basis. Where else would I talk to others more often than I do some of my good friends? 😆 I have spent the last couple of years on medical leave from work, due to return soon (ack!), and honestly it helps keep my brain somewhat engaged. 😉 I’ve dreaded this day because I hate endings, yet love the show.

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    36. Wolfish:

      Ooohhh, a fellow Kay fan!!!!! I’ve never met one irl, by the way. Will you be at Con, perchance?

      I wasn’t planning on it, no. I think we’d get on like a sept on fire, though!

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    37. You made me emotional as well…
      I’ve been following WIC then WOTW ever since the beginning… I remember the casting of the pilot. Then there was a Steve, there was a pirate, there was Fury, and now our fearless leader Sue…

      So a thousand thanks for always supporting the bottom !

      Merci du fond du cœur.

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    38. Sue, I remember, ages ago, you recommended these books to me. I went to Hastings (that’s how long ago it was!) to get the first book on your recommendation. They were sold out. They offered to order me a copy and I said yes, but I never went back to pick it up. I didn’t start reading the books until after the series came out, and I both regret it and don’t regret it. LOL Being a part of a dedicated online community for another series showed me that being a book reader before a show watcher can really break your heart and make it very difficult to enjoy the show. You, however, seem to have found that sweet spot of loving the books and not hating the changes to the show. That’s a gift and what makes you such an amazing leader of this site.

      It’s been my honor to be your friend, and I’m so proud of you! I hope Watchers stays around for the new series, and of course, for the Winds of Winter (if it’s ever released. LOL). Thank you for being a part of the reason why Game of Thrones has been so massively successful, and thanks for being just the all-around bad ass you are. 🙂 You’ve always been one of my favorite internet people, and that’s never changed after all these years. 🙂

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    39. Sue you have a loyal fan base of your very own, along with this amazing Watchers on the Wall site! I feel a part of a community, even as a long time lurker and very rare poster. Thank you for every bit of insight! *crying somewhat hysterically right now*

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    40. I sincerely appreciate everyone who took the time to read this and comment, today and every other day. Much love <3

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    41. Just got around to reading this. I still remember reading ‘Ours is the Fury’ articles back in the day. Truly unbelievable to see where you’ve taken everything from there. Thanks for including me along the way. 🙂 You’re the best.

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    42. Thanks for sharing and for everything, Sue the Fury! It seems that I know you better now. I love how you described inhabiting various characters at different times and under certain circumstances. You don’t know me, but it’s enough to say that I’m Brienne – without her courage. And I like to believe that I have bits of Tyrion.
      You might have saved my life. You have truly changed it for the better.

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    43. Thank you for sharing Sue and for all your hard work!! You’ve brought so many people together through this site 🙂

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