Enter to win limited-edition & collectible Game of Thrones prize packs!

Photo: grrmbox.com

Photo: grrmbox.com

Hot off the heels of our Game of Thrones coloring book giveaway, another fun contest has turned up that we wanted to share with our readers. In celebration of the George R. R. Martin Box (unveiled at New York Comic Con earlier this month) and the 20th anniversary of the publication of A Game of Thrones, Random House is now offering fans the chance to win prize packs with limited-edition and collectible Game of Thrones prizes!

What can you win in the sweepstakes?

First Prize is the Hound’s Helm and Lannister Shield from Valyrian Steel:

The Hound’s Helm and Lannister Shield are official Game of Thrones licensed products recreated from props. The Hound’s Helm includes a display stand and a certificate of authenticity from a limited edition of 2,500. The Lannister Shield includes a wall mount and a certificate of authenticity from a limited edition of 1,000.

Second Prize is a limited-edition Daenerys and Drogon Statue from Dark Horse Comics!

Dark Horse Deluxe has turned its skills to Daenerys, selecting an iconic moment of her resting with her dragon Drogon to create an elaborately detailed pre-painted statue from a limited-edition of 750.

Third Prize is an Arya Stark Statue from Dark Horse Comics!

This statue of a wary Arya in the autumn woods is a stirring depiction of one of fiction’s most inspiring young women from a limited edition of 1,200.

How do you enter? You can enter to win by completing and submitting the entry form as instructed at the GRRMBox website.

The giveaway is open now and runs through November 15th, 8AM ET, with three winners being chosen on that day. The winners will be chosen by random drawing.

Visit the website for the complete rules. Unfortunately, at the moment, entry in the contest is open only to USA residents, and people who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry.

For you non-Americans, stay tuned- Watchers on the Wall will be having several more Game of Thrones worldwide giveaways in November, and as we head into the holidays!

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    1. I never win, but it is fun to enter. There was no way to enter at the GRRM link. They were selling a package that is sold out.

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    2. Addy Stark:
      I never win, but it is fun to enter.There was no way to enter at the GRRM link.They were selling a package that is sold out.

      Well I’m a whole ocean (Atlantic) away from the USA and always used to day I never won anything but I did win a King Joffrey doll in the (round about the time of the last UK election – not the Brexit vote the actual government one and I was nearly in tears because the Conservatives won an overall majority so the Joffers figure despite being such a horrible character perked me up) world-wide giveaway so never say never.

      Making a general (i.e. not just to Addy) comment one thing I can say is that of these type of things the Dark Horse figures are good quality. Sometimes I read “The Medium is Not Enough” a UK site reviewing TV programmes and films. A couple of years ago the blog posted about some “Penny Dreadful” figurines and all I can say is I couldn’t agree more. http://www.the-medium-is-not-enough.com/2014/07/possibly_the_worst_merchandising_idea_ever_penny_d.php The (not Dark Horse) figurines depicted there are not (to my mind at least) appealing at all.

      I know I have been less than kind about Eva Green’s ability (or lack of it) to produce a convincing English accent but I’ve never said she was not a pretty woman. The doll representing her is really an insult.

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    3. What a pity all these things are usually just for US residents 🙁
      even if WotW tries to make it fair again with “several other giveaways” (which is super nice), this hurts anyway. Also worldwide residents buy books, Blu Rays and such and support Game of Thrones / SoIaF becoming more successful, so it is not fair to not be able to participate the same way in such giveaways.

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    4. Dame of Mercia: always used to day

      Er-um “used to say” of course. Still, you all know how things stand – YOU make a mistake, it’s your fault – I make a mistake; it is of course a “deliberate” mistake to see if anyone notices – and I NEVER tell lies!

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