Dragons landing in four cities to celebrate the release of the Game of Thrones Season 5 DVD/Blu-ray

dragons landing

Photo: instagram.com/gameofthrones

Game of Thrones fans in four cities across the United States should beware – dragons are coming! People in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco will be waking up this week to find that dragons are landing.

The fiery fun’s already begun this morning, as people around New York City’s Union Square discovered. Fans visiting Hollywood & Highland’s Central Courtyard in Los Angeles today will also find a new landing site in their midst.

The dragon-themed events will be celebrating another arrival- Game of Thrones: The Complete Fifth Season, arriving today on Blu-ray and DVD.

Following up on the landing, HBO is hosting a special outdoor fan event tonight in Herald Square in New York City. The event will include a screening of “The Dance of Dragons,” a 20 minute animated feature from the Blu-ray, plus giveaways of the season 5 Blu-ray and other Game of Thrones merch. Fans will then watch as the dragon “takes flight” via a 3D animated projection that will soar across the city.

The dragon is also appearing tonight in Los Angeles on Hollywood & Highland’s Central Courtyard Archway around sunset.

Union Square

Union Square. Photo: twitter.com/Daenerys

Additionally, it’ll be making an appearance in Dilworth Plaza, City Hall in Philadelphia tomorrow March 16th, and at Pier 39 in San Francisco on March 17th.

If you spot the dragon or their landing places this week, let us know with the #GOT5DVD hashtag! We’d love to see the events across the country, and any meetings you have with your fellow fans.

A complete list of the events and times:

New York – Tuesday, March 15th

Dragon Landing: 8:00am ET Union Square

Fan Event: 7:30pm ET Herald Square


Los Angeles – Tuesday, March 15th

Dragon Landing: 8:00am PT Hollywood & Highland’s Central Courtyard

Dragon Appearance: 8:15pm PT (approx) Hollywood & Highland’s Central Courtyard Archway


Philadelphia – Wednesday, March 16th

Dragon Landing: 8:00am PT at Dilworth Plaza, City Hall

Dragon Appearance: 8:15pm ET (approx)


San Francisco – Thursday, March 17th

Dragon Landing: 8:00am PT at PIER 39

Dragon Appearance: 8:15pm ET (approx)

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    1. the pictures so far seem quite underwhelming. a cute little show that could have been done for season two. hopefully it’ll get better.

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    2. This is awesome. I am just jealous that Arizona is so close to Los Angeles; one day we will catch a break.

      Have fun everyone in L.A.

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    3. Strange that it’s only now being released in The States. I bought my copy last saturday from MediaMarkt.

      Maybe they jumped the gun here in The Netherlands?

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    4. The little dragon in the pics looks like how the dragons looked like in season two. After seeing how big they got in the last seasons, I didn’t expect to see a small dragon like this. “dragon landing” made me imagine something like they did with smaug in lord of the rings (http://41.media.tumblr.com/1769e1d5662b147adb53c2588be3973e/tumblr_mxvdwn3MZ21r6urado4_1280.jpg


      but still looks like there’s more to come.

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    5. The “dragon appearances” are set for this evening. That’s just a cute picture with a Funko pop. Because Funkos are cute.

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    6. Damn. I just don’t see myself dragging my sorry ass down to Pier 39 at 8am. As for whatever is happening in the evening…Pier 39 at 5:15 (smack dab in the middle of rush hour) on St. Patrick’s Day? It’ll be great for those planning to celebrate in North Beach (which is always a huge party on St. Patrick’s Day), but otherwise…

      Sorry to sound like I’m complaining. I guess I’m lamenting I could go, but the times make it really difficult.

      I hope the dragons don’t scare the sea lions. 😉

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    7. What if there’s new footage to be seen? What if I force you to do it? *pulls out a Polaroid and waves it menacingly*

      I barely managed to vote today, so I feel ya.

      That being said, Amazon tracking tells me my DVDs are sitting in a box on my porch.

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    8. HotPinkLipstick,

      Dammit…I’m gonna have to figure out a way to get that Polaroid back (and lol at us discussing Polaroids…do those even exist these days?).

      The truth of the matter is I’d have to take much of the day off work (the morning thing would make me late, and the evening thing would mean I’d have to find someone to teach my 5:00 class for me). 🙁

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    9. I just got my copy of the DVD in the mail. Since three of the deleted scenes have already been released, I went to see what the the fourth one was. It’s from Episode 1, and it’s an extended cut of the scene when Missandei comes to see Grey Worm before he heads out to patrol the streets.

      The scene then moves into the part that made it into the final cut, discussing White Rat and the Unsullied’s visits to brothels.

      The scene is the longest of the four deleted scenes that were included, and by far the best of them, in my opinion. The scene was probably cut for pacing reasons and because it’s a little thick on the foreshadowing that Grey Worm’s going to run afoul of the Sons of the Harpy.

      I do wish it had remained in the final cut, however, because it offers a cursory in-universe explanation as to why the Unsullied might be ill-equipped to deal with the Sons of the Harpy in Meereen’s narrow streets (the Unsullied’s struggles in Season 5 was a topic that some people complained about incessantly, no matter how many times others tried to explain why it made sense). Also, as a fan of Grey Worm and Missandei’s love story, it’s sweet, and well acted by both Jacob Anderson and Nathalie Emmanuel. It also ties in nicely to the scene in Episode 5 when Missandei visits a recovering Grey Worm and he admits that he was afraid to die because he might never see her again.

      As a heads-up, the extended cut of the Sand Snake introduction that some of us where hoping for isn’t included. Guess those photos are all we’re ever going to see of that scene.

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    10. How come things like this aren’t in Toronto or somewhere in major cities in Canada? I mean Toronto is a great city for a thing like this and would be awesome to see and i live only and hour and a half from Toronto.

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    11. I live only an hour and a half from Philadelphia, but I am sick. Bummer. Hopefully it will make the news tonight.

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    12. dragonreborn:
      wow I just said my expectations were higher and I’m underwhelmed. no need to attack me for my opinion!

      FWIW, I see nothing wrong with what you said. Pablo Escobar’s response was unnecessarily harsh. *shrugs*

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    13. They gave me a press pass.

      It helps that I *already* live in New York City – shining center of human civilization – so I didn’t need be flown in from the Australian outback or London or wherever.

      I will file a full report.

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    14. The Dragon Demands:
      They gave me a press pass.

      It helps that I *already* live in New York City – shining center of human civilization – so I didn’t need be flown in from the Australian outback or London or wherever.

      I will file a full report.

      What does a press pass net you?

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    15. Jack Bauer 24What does a press pass net you?

      I have no idea. Confirmed seating instead of first come, first serve I guess. All I did was e-mail their contacts asking what time of day we should arrive (I have to skip class to go), but because I mentioned “I’m one of the head Admins from Game of Thrones Wiki” they gave me a press pass without even asking for one.

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    16. Just read a story saying the promo is a total dud. Do they not realize that whatever it will be is scheduled for this evening?

      or Wednesday or Thursday….

      I mean, I still have hopes for something pretty neat to happen.

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    17. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

      Not the real thing, I’m afraid 🙂
      Anyway, I’m really curious what they are going to do in order to make the fans feel the presence of dragons. They can’t just copy what has been already done in other promotions, for other dragons.

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    18. Nymeria Warrior Queen:
      Shy Lady Dragon,


      What if I just made a drawing of boobies and set it next to a Funko dragon, then took a picture?

      If I still lived in the City, I would come and drag your arse down to the wharf and we would have much more fun than just watching dragons. 😀 Like hitting the Buena Vista while waiting or after or both!

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    19. Hi guys! I work across the street from Dilworth Plaza in Philly. I have to be in 8 AM. Why are the putting the time in Pacific time? That would make it like 4 AM here, right? I’m hoping that’s a mistake.
      Anyway, I’ll try to get you guys something.

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    20. Looks like it might be fun if a little far from me in central England. St Paddy and I share a day (his day is my birthday) and I will be….even older than I am now.

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    21. Lorilooellen,

      Maybe people will realize our city emerged from the ashes just like Dany’s dragons- and we will get something like this next year.

      I think people think Phoenix is a small town. But especially in March with spring training going on, this would be perfect!

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