Draggin’ the Wolf – Part 2

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Oh, did I forget to earmark the pertinent tags? #GameOfThrones and #GoTs7 and #TheDragonAndTheWolf and #DemThrones and #ThronesYall and #Jaimienne4EvaRideOrDie and #JustSayNoToTormienne and #BANNED and #SUPERBAN and #HANNABAN and #BANSOLO and of course a lowkey #ban … and lest we not forget, #MROFTARTHBAN.

Got it? Good. The embed is below, but it’s SLOWWWW to load. I HIGHLY recommend that you instead go and read it at the STORIFY SOURCE.

But here’s the embed. I mean, good luck?

Seeya in a year or… two…!

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    1. “The shoehorned reason that “Cersei might take her lands back while we’re all in the North” is kind of weird”

      That was not the only reason for the ceasefire….

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    2. Brienne to Jaime: “We both saw what happened, we both saw that thing…. This goes beyond houses and honor and oaths.”

      Jaime to Cersei: “This isn’t about noble houses this is about the living and the dead”


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    3. Nope, not in the tweets either. I haven’t seen one comment this week about there being only one horn blast rather than three when the NK army approached the Wall. The men at the bottom wouldn’t have had any warning… Of course at this point nobody should be beyond the Wall and returning for the one blow signal so any horn blast is a bad sign.

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    4. Clob,

      I thought there was only one on first watch, but they actually only show the LAST of three. You can hear the first two subtly before the shot of the guy blowing the horn.

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    5. Clob: Nope, not in the tweets either. I havenโ€™t seen one comment this week about there being only one horn blast rather than three when the NK army approached the Wal

      Huh? I just rewatched that. There were totally 3 horn blasts.

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    6. Looper,

      I did too. Ignore that I brought it up as there definitely was 3. Apparently I’ve been watching with my ears covered!! Doh! Granted on most of my rewatches on HBO Go I’ve stopped before that scene, but I have watched it aired several times this week on straight HBO. I think I’ve been paying attention to the ‘clock ticking’ noise and as always, imagining if it’s suppose to sound like a clock ticking to mean ‘time is running out on the living.’

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    7. Great work on these Twitter round-ups! They’re always a treat to read!

      In re: Jon’s birth name, recycling is not an uncommon practice. My father is the youngest of 8 children. The oldest, identical twin boys, died in infancy and one had the same name as my dad. By the time my dad came along, I guess his parents decided to recycle the name. Whenever we go to the cemetery, we can see a grave with our dad’s exact name on it. Kinda creepy, but apparently not unheard of in the real world when an older sibling is deceased.

      In other news: Ros is avenged!

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    8. I’m surprised no one photoshopped Ghost in those Scooby Doo memes. I know he didn’t appear this season, sadly, but surely we can make his presence known in GoT memes! #JusticeForGhost

      Thanks Axey for all your hard work in compiling these awesome Tweets. I looked forward to them every week!

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    9. Thanks for these, great work as always Axey! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I’m clearly missing something here, but what’s the significance of Jaime putting on a black glove? I’ve seen a few people mention this. I know he’s covering his golden hand so he’s less recognisable but the colour seems to be key here? ๐Ÿค”

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    10. Lulus Mum,
      My personal opinion is that people are stretching for ways that things mean something or looking for hidden things like seeing Longclaw’s eye open when it was clearly splashed with water. Most of the time stuff doesn’t mean anything. He’s riding a black horse… So, lots of people have ridden black horses and Jaime’s last horse got roasted by Drogon so he got a different one.

      I think he simply put on a glove, which are also mostly black on the show, to cover his golden hand. As Jorah mentioned to Daenerys, people may see her recognizable hair and take a shot at her.

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    11. Aw.

      I haven’t had time to dip into… nay, immerse myself in the weird and wonderful world of GoT online, twittering away.

      I’m so glad someone (Axey) is actually recording this social moment. To have it for all time, even after the show ends.

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    12. Clob,

      Agreed. Also, snow doesn’t show up as well on gold, so it was a good way to get the snowflake shot, from a technical point of view. I like to read into things too, but sometimes it’s as simple as that’s the kind of glove they had on set that day.

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    13. Clob, Looper
      Aaah I see, thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Where I’ve seen it mentioned people always seem to refer to the colour as if there was some special significance I’d missed.

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    14. AngryRosFan,

      About recycling “Aegon”:

      As a non-book reader, forgive me if I’m confused. From comments on this site about the books, and the general proposition that the show may diverge from the books but will converge insofar as key plot points, main characters’ fates, and the ultimate destination of the story:

      (Just to be safe, I’ll cover with spoiler coding since I’m referencing the books albeit third-hand)

      According to the show! history, the Mountain killed toddler Aegon Targaryean (“Aegon 1.0″) during the Sack of KL at the end of Robert’s Rebellion. Now, it’s been revealed that Jon Snow was also named Aegon Targaryean (Aegon 2.0”)

      As I understand it – correct me if I’m wrong – in the books

      there’s another Aegon floating around (“fAegon” – possibly a fake) as a result of a supposed baby switch or something).

      Does that mean in the upcoming books, in the unlikely event they’re ever published, there will be confusion over THREE Aegons (Aegon 1.0, Aegon 2.0, and Aegon 3.0)?

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    15. talvikorppi,

      There are some really witty Twitter comments that Axey extracts for us. Some are crude but really funny e.g.:

      (After Dany’s grand entrance to the Dragon Pit, Cersei exchanges looks with Dany…)
      Cersei: “I thought you had three dragons.”
      Dany: “I thought you had three children.”

      Then, there’s a Jon Snow picture captioned:
      “Traveled to find some Dragon Glass.
      Found himself some Dragon Ass.”

      Don’t blame me. I’m just repeating what I read. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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    16. Thanks for doing the recaps, Kenny, especially the last two because they must have been rough to sort through! Also thanks for including me in them. I look forward to season 8 and another bunch of recaps with you very funny people! Jesus, 2019 is a long way away.

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    17. Ten Bears,

      Nah only 2 Aegons are alive in the books (assuming Jon’s “Targ” name is Aegon in the books also). The adult character Aegon is either really Rhaeger’s first son or he’s a fake and Rhaegar’s first son is dead. So, just him and Jon.

      People mostly just think its weird because why would Rhaegar (or Lyanna) name a second son of Rhaegar the same name as his first son… (esp given that first son would still be alive at the time they picked the name)?

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    18. Lulus Mum:
      Thanks for these, great work as always Axey! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Iโ€™m clearly missing something here, but whatโ€™s the significance of Jaime putting on a black glove? Iโ€™ve seen a few people mention this. I know heโ€™s covering his golden hand so heโ€™s less recognisable but the colour seems to be key here? ๐Ÿค”

      Many cultures associate the color black with death. Does Jaime have a hand of death? If so, what could he use it for? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰

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    19. Thank you for all your work on these throughout the seasons, Axey. Your roundups make the time between seasons seem less…annoying!

      See ya in 2019!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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