Digital download of Game of Thrones season 7 soundtrack to be available Aug. 25


As we previously reported, the hard copy version of the Game Of Thrones season 7 soundtrack will be released Sept. 29 — but we learned today that, in keeping with the pattern of previous seasons, the digital version will be available prior to the season finale. Composer Ramin Djawadi posted on Twitter today that the soundtrack will be available for digital download on Friday, Aug. 25.

As of press time, there was no information on the track listing or where to pre-order the digital download. However, it has been available on iTunes for previous seasons.

The soundtrack is being released by WaterTower Music, the in-house label of Warner Bros. Records, who also released the soundtracks for season 3 through 6. The physical album is available for pre-order on Amazon.


  1. Woohoo!!!! I’m so glad we don’t have to wait, like they’d implied earlier. We get 2 days of wild theorizing…

    Jon: Who’s your daddy?
    Dany: Who’s your auntie?

  2. Listen to it all beforehand or experience it for the first time on Sunday? Probably gonna wait. Imagine if you listened to “Light of the Seven” before “The Winds of Winter” last year.

  3. Ryan Neuner,

    I did and it still turned out to be great . Well if there is no leak this week at least we have this to hold over until Sunday,it’s always fun to speculate when will certain tracks play out in the episode .

  4. Hope there’s a Light of the Seven caliber track in the finale. Hasn’t been anything top tier this season. My favorite so far is when Dany and the dragons arrived in Beyondthe Wall

  5. Ryan Neuner,

    uhh.. kinda did that.. on almost constant repeat.. that scene (and music) was (and still is) amazing

    Aug 25th gonna be a good day.. its FRIDAY..its payday and get the soundtrack!!

  6. Jack Bauer 24,

    Light of the Seven is a “once in a lifetime” piece of music, it’s his masterpiece. He’s not going to top that one anytime soon, I wouldn’t count on it Jack.


  7. I’ll be purchasing this soundtrack the moment it becomes available. I’m so glad that we don’t have to wait another month for it. Ramin’s music in Season 7 has been absolutely phenomenal – every bit as soaring, emotional, and transcendent as this great show deserves.

    I’m especially looking forward to hearing the full version of Jon and Dany’s new love theme, the music from the battle sequence in “The Spoils of War”, and the music that accompanies Dany’s arrival to rescue Jon and the others on the frozen lake. I expect that I’ll be listening to the entire album on repeat for weeks, but those three tracks will be getting particularly heavy play.

  8. I’m super excited for Friday! Just when I think the music can’t get any better, Ramin proves me wrong. I’m really looking forward to the Lannister theme from episode 3, the field of fire music from episode 4, Jon and Dany’s beautiful love theme, Samwell’s more upbeat theme when he was stealing the Citadel blind, and of course the epic updated dragon music from Beyond the Wall.

    I remember last year listening to the score and trying to guess when each new piece might appear. I was perplexed by Light of the Seven. It sounded nothing like anything else composed for the show. I just knew a sept explosion was coming, and when I saw the track title I thought, okay, this must be the sept music, but while listening for the first time I just couldn’t picture a major epic explosion taking place with this music. And then I watched the finale…and the music couldn’t have been more perfect! It was haunting, climactic, my heart was racing when they added the choir, and then the music kept building, and the violins joined in, and I stopped breathing, and KABOOM!

    I did successfully guess that The Winds of Winter was Dany’s sailing to Westeros music. This was one of my favorites!

    Last year we got several new pieces of music in the finale, and I’m excited to see what Ramin has in store for us this Sunday.

    I will be purchasing the soundtrack at 12:01am on Friday!

  9. Jack Bauer 24,

    I actually thought Dany and dragons swooping in Beyond the Wall was the most epic music yet. The choir gave me goosebumps every time (I saw the episode, that scene in particular, multiple times).

  10. Lady Snow,

    I remember listening to the the track “The Tower” .. it was a bonus track or something.. anyway I knew full well what scene it would accompany, but it didn’t lessen my enjoyment… it made the anticipation even greater!!!

    I hope there is a track called “The Dragon and the Wolf” … !!! aaarrrrrggghh I can’t wait!

  11. I loved listening to the soundtrack before the finale last year, especially light of the seven. Led to all sorts of theories about what would be in the episode. I think it came out a similar time – a few days before the final episode aired – and I listened to it constantly. I have loved the music this series, so I’m excited about getting my hands on this one.

  12. Jon and Dany’s tragic, beautiful love theme brings to mind the song Rhaegar once sang that “was so sad it made the wolf maid (Lyanna) sniffle.”

    It’s an incredible piece of music.

  13. Azor Asshai,

    Yeah love it!!! I also really liked the music when Jon touched Drogon. Although it might of been a variation on the theme you mentioned. You know the music is good when you get goosebumps every time.

  14. Honestly, there hasn’t been very many noteworthy pieces that’s stuck out for me this season. I do like the new reprisals of the Coronation/Euron theme, as well as the spectacular renditions of The Rains of Castamere that were featured in “The Queen’s Justice.” (The end credits version of that particular episode is especially great.) The lack of any new themes has hurt this season some, but I am hoping we’ll be treated to some impressive pieces come the finale.

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