Check out the newest CultureFly Game of Thrones Subscription Box, featuring the Great Battles of Westeros!

GameofThrones Culture Fly Box

CultureFly is back just in time for the final season of Game of Thrones with a new assortment of premium collectibles in their quarterly Game of Thrones Premium Subscription Box. Game of Thrones Box IV features the Great Battles of Westeros. If you missed previous boxes or our reviews- CultureFly puts out a collection of officially licensed limited edition items in a special subscription box for fans every quarter, with only 5000 boxes in each batch. There are usually some pretty interesting pieces of merch that we’re happy to show you all. This week, we’ve received the new Battles box from CultureFly to preview, so we’re diving in to check it out!

What do we think? Going piece by piece…

The Great House Sigil Throw Blanket: Super soft and pretty. I love the bright variety of colors, and I’m a sucker for classic sigil designs. It has all the great houses of Westeros, and I’m a lap blanket hoarder, so I’m sold.

House Targaryen Sigil Banner PinHouse Targaryen Sigil Banner Enamel Pin: This pin is a continuation of CultureFly’s ongoing series of sigil banner pins. As we mentioned before, the banner pins are huge, approximately 4″ by 2″ and probably not the easiest pieces to wear on a day to day basis. At a con when you’re not interested in subtlety, go for it! They’re more for collecting, I would say, as the standing case they come in, plus the plastic container, can serve as a display case if you want to view them as mini-banners rather than as functional pins. It’s certainly well-made, with the Targaryen house motto of “Fire & Blood” in addition to the dragon sigil.

The Targaryen Sigil LED Lamp: This took a little bit of setup but it’s a cool little piece. I’d never have thought of purchasing it on my own, to be honest, but I like it. The black base supports a clear etched version of the Targaryen dragon sigil with flames rising from it. Lit up, it’s a nice effect and a unique piece of merch. Between this and the banner pin, it makes it a House Targaryen-heavy box, but since we’re living in the khaleesi’s world, I suppose that’s not always bad. We know Jon Snow would be buying it!

CultureFly Content

An official pic of the contents of the Great Battles of Westeros Subscription Box IV
Photo: CultureFly Instagram

Battle of Blackwater Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirt: This T-shirt is honestly just as vibrant as it appears in the photo above. I knew what the design was going to be a graphic of, pulling it out of the box and spying a corner of fabric, when I saw just a bit of the color. So they pretty much nailed the explosion of wildfire on the Blackwater. The shirts from CultureFly are unisex and when you order a box, you can choose your size XS-3XL.

Red Wedding dinner platesThe Red Wedding Plate Set: I cracked up laughing when I unpacked this set. This is the kind of sick humor I’m here for. The four-pack of plates show the house sigils for Houses Stark, Bolton, Lannister and Frey, the families involved in the notorious Red Wedding massacre. They’re on the small size to be considered dinner plates and not made of the sturdiest material. I would consider these to be decorative more than anything, and put them up for display. Like your grandma’s commemorative plates, you know.

Battle of the Bastards Magnetic Bulletin Board: The bulletin board has a slight imperfection in that the writing utensil that comes with it was broken, and the magnet needed to keep the utensil sticking to the board has fallen out completely. So that bit is worthless. That said, the rest of the board is awesome and I already took it to work because I love it. The board resembles the shield Jon Snow grabbed at the end of the Battle of the Bastards, with the House Mormont bear sigil. The message board comes with three dart-like arrows with magnets for tips. The magnet-arrows work great for keeping messages stuck to the board. So I just use the board for sticky messages and the like. And throw magnet darts at it when I feel like it. Screw the writing utensil.

Anyway, if you like what you see, swing by to sign up today- it’s $49.99 per box (quarterly), and usually well worth it for the fun and the unique surprises that turn up on your doorstep every few months. It always puts a smile on my face.

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    1. This looks awesome!

      Btw, be very careful everyone. 802 has leaked courtesy of Prime Video Germany. There are massive spoilers all over social media right now.

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    2. Slap a sigil sticker on a paper napkin and charge $49.99 – and apparently people will buy it. Why do I get the feeling the licensees are skimping on quality to make a quick buck on gullible fans? Honestly, who wants undersized Red Wedding plates too flimsy to serve food? Or a Magnetic Bulletin Board that arrives with a magnetized piece already broken off?

      What next? Official GoT plastic ice cube trays to build your own Wall? ($12.00 for a tray of 1″ x 1″ cubes).

      What I don’t understand is why Entenmann’s or Nabisco hasn’t come out with Wolf Bread 2.0 (i.e., the one presented by Hot Pie to Brienne to give to Arya). Or why a clothing manufacturer hasn’t come out with a Dany snow white flight suit bathrobe (“For that special queen in your life”) and Melisandre/Kinvara décolletage-accentuating maroon gowns (Your man will be bewitched when he sees you in this form-fitting Red Priestess outfit”).

      Oh, and Arya’s boots. I’ve been promising my sister I’d find a pair of Arya’s boots ever since the pre-S7 Stark family EW photos were released.

      Especially now that the AotD is on the move, my favorite for S8 would be a NK & WW decal for a car side view mirror with the caption: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

      I’d even buy a S7e7 Captured White upper torso mannequin to strap into my passenger seat so I can drive in the HOV lane. It’d be worth the risk of getting pulled over and ticketed just for the reactions of other drivers and state troopers.

      Kingsford Charcoal Briquettes with images of Randyll and Dickon Tarly on the bag would be the perfect 4th of July weenie roast conversation starter. [Too soon?]

      I was going to suggest that Hormel or Oscar Mayer come out with “Flea Bottom Bowl of Brown” until I realized that’s what food cart vendors are probably already serving to drunk football fans outside stadiums on Sundays.

      And don’t get me started on Sandor rotisserie chicken, Sandor ale, and Sandor wine. (But not rum. “That sh*t’s too sweet.”)

      I don’t mind getting gouged, as long as it’s something of halfway decent quality. The $49 quarterly “surprise” boxes seem to consist of too much schlock.

      – End Anti-Monetization Rant –

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    3. Adam,

      They’re plastic, so no problem. 🙂

      I’m such a GOT nerd. I get so excited when these boxes arrive. The glow-in-the-dark shirt is cool, and I love the throw blanket.

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    4. Ten Bears,

      I had to Google ‘schlock’ to find out what it was 🙂

      I agree, I wouldn’t waste money on that! As Sandor said to Arya when she was practicing her water dancing with Needle, “What a load of shite!” (pronouced shyte) or something similar 😀

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