Croatian locations video for Game of Thrones S5

HBO Adria has published an exclusive video featuring the locations in Croatia used in the coming season, with the cast (Iain Glenn, Michiel Huisman, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Nathalie Emmanuel) and crew (David Benioff, Deborah Riley, D.B. Weiss, Christina Moore, Bernadette Caulfield) commenting on the shoot and on how beautiful the country is. All I can say is well done, neighbours! 🙂

Unlike the video from Spain, this one is not dubbed but uses subtitling instead (as per the local norm), making it much more accessible to the general audience. Enjoy it below!

Now updated with the HBO version with no subtitling.

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    1. As Greenjones / Konradsmith noticed over at Afoiaf, there’s a glimpse of Tyrell soldiers at 0:38 !

      Been a while we havent seen some !

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    2. Arkash,

      Aren’t they knights? Have we seen any Tyrell knights or soldiers before? Maybe at Renly’s camp in season two, and at Blackwater? I don’t remember.

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    3. Just wondering, have the titles of the final few episodes been released yet? I’ve done a bit of looking around and not found out, and I haven’t seen an article of here about it either…

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    4. Luka Nieto,

      Not in Kingslanding, except for the battle of the Blackwater. I’m glad they’re finally making an appearance. Been bothering me since the start of season 3. The Tyrells should have a military presence in Kingslanding. Why would Tyrells use Lannister guards?

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    5. Chimeny,

      They haven’t been released (and won’t officially be released for some time, since ep. 4-7 titles haven’t even officially been released). The titles were leaked earlier, however. It’s hard to say when/if the titles for the final 3 episodes will be leaked. However, we do know that episode 8 will be added to the HBO schedule tomorrow, so we’ll know that title shortly!

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    6. Mark,

      Oooh, some juicy stuff there.

      So, in the first trailer Olenna was talking to Littlefinger in his brothel, as many of us suspected. I wonder why Olenna is peeved; why else would Littlefinger tell her to forget about the past. And what deal are they going to make for the future? In AFFC, Littlefinger regrets not being able to ruin Cersei (since, as he says, she’s doing a pretty good job of it herself) and “plant some seeds” in King’s Landing. Maybe in the show he will be able to do so.

      Barristan in the catacombs. So, he will hurt/die in episode four in the catacombs, it seems?

      Brienne and Pod looking at Moat Cailin!

      A Braavosi or Volantene pleasure house.

      Arya in the Titan’s Daughter! I assumed we’d see her wordlessly arrive at Braavos and be rowed through the city. Nice that there will be some dialogue with the ship captain, Ternesio Terys.

      And a great shot in the Water Gardens. Nothing meaningful, but we’ve seen so little of actual footage so far.

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    7. Luka Nieto,

      I’m very intrigued about what appears to be Jon on his hands and knees in a devastated Hardhome at the 19 second mark. It’s just a split second, so it might take a few tries to pause on the right shot, but it definitely seems to be Jon and it looks dire.

      Could the rumors about the reworked FTW scene be true ?

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    8. Hear Marko Roar:
      Second last

      Slovenia is lovely, spent a great week there a few years back in the Julian Alps, based near Bled of course but if I’d known better I would have chosen Bohinj 🙂

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    9. There will be a review roundup later today, hold your commenting horses, save some for that post 🙂

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    10. Hear Marko Roar:
      Arya havin’ a larf?,

      Great to hear. Welcome back anytime! You learn fast Where arya from?

      From England but I actually have Croatian roots going back three generations. I have spent very little time in Croatia, and just the trip from Dubrovnik Airport into Montenegro, so I haven’t seen any of the wonderful GoT locations they have used.

      About the only Slovenian word I remember is pivo, of course!

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    11. The only thing I know how to say in Slovenian is: Po občutku bi rekel izvidniško plovilo.

      Now if anyone knows where I picked this little gem… Marko, are you a Trekkie?

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    12. Arya havin’ a larf?,

      Cool. There’s a number of Croatian words that are just as useful in Slovenian as well, so you have a good start.

      Mr Fixit,

      Haha, wow 🙂 that’s random. Do you collect those in different languages? No, not a Trekkie – I just know enough about the universe to keep my geek card.

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