Congratulations to the Winners of our Take the Black Contest!

unnamedWe hope that you all have enjoyed our week of giveaways here at Watchers on the Wall, but like everything else good in Westeros, we’ve come to our end. However, unlike Westeros, we came through this week with not just a few scattered survivors, but with winners!

Congratulations to our five winners:

  • Rhaegal Baby Dragon Sculpture: Dominique, Canada
  • Longclaw Letter Opener: Vic, USA
  • Viserion Baby Dragon Sculpture: Lyndsay, Scotland
  • Ice Letter Opener: Jared, USA
  • Drogon Baby Dragon Sculpture: Laurence, Canada

Thank you to our contest sponsor- the illustrious Noble Collection, who provided us with some really fantastic prizes to give away. If you haven’t had a chance to browse their incredible Game of Thrones merchandise, head on over and browse around— maybe pick up a letter opener or dragon for yourself!

Thank you to all of you who, over this past week, shared with us everything from your job on the wall, to the names of your house blades, to who you think should sit on the Iron Throne.

Thanks for the follows on twitter, likes on facebook, and sharing the contests with your friends across the world!

And, finally, thanks to all of you who come to us for your Game of Thrones news. We’re doing it for you guys, so thank you all so much for joining us here at the end of the world.

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    1. MY BABY!!! Drogon, you will be home soon!!! I can’t wait to see you and your little sweet-ferocious dragon smile!!

      Wow, merci beaucoup, thank you. It was a really fun contest and some answers gave me material to think and theorize more…

      –) lucky Laurence 🙂

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    2. As I understand it, it was less than 200 persons participating if a comment here was the first necessary condition to enter. However, with extra chances given for other social media actions, There were what, about 600-700 “entries” to draw from daily?

      So I was the first lucky one… Thanks WOTW and Noble!

      And if you allow me a personal greeting to my fellow winning compatriot :
      Bonsoir Laurence!

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    3. Congrats. to all the winners, although I admit to being particularly jealous of Laurence. That baby Drogon is soooooooooooooo cute.

      I also think it’s incredibly cool the Noble Collection sponsored this event. For anyone who may be thinking of ordering something from them, I’ve gotten a few things over the years from them for my brother’s kids, and all were well-made, high-quality pieces.

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    4. It was a fun week, thank you! Even if I didn’t win it was really exciting, I would have loved me a baby Drogon! Congrats to the lucky winners! 😀

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    5. Thank you WOTW, it was a very disappointing week for myself and many of my fellow Northerners, so winning my baby Dragon (and exchanging tweets with Kate Dickie!) put the smile back on my face!

      This will be my first piece of GOT merchandise, but I’ll be making a point of ordering the next from the Noble Collection.

      Well done to the other lucky winners x

      Mòran taing!

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