Con of Thrones tickets are now on sale!

It’s August 22nd, and Con of Thrones tickets are finally on sale. I’ve spent the weekend in Nashville working at the Gaylord Opryland (the rallying point of our houses and factions within the Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire communities come next Summer- here’s the announcement post), and holy gods is this going to be an incredible weekend.

Balconies, waterfalls, city streets, alleys with banners hanging and nighttime lighting to frame days of programs, panels, discussions, workshops, interviews, cosplay, concerts and merrymaking. It is going to be unreal.

Get your tickets now.

Last night we threw a pre-launch party with Nashville fandom locals, members of the press, and an awesome group of full contact foam weapon fighters — wine was poured and laughs were shared. The city of Nashville will play an important role in this convention, and last night was the perfect way to kick things off.

Scheduling, special guests, information on proposing your ideas and support for programming are all coming. Earlybird tickets are now on sale, and we are steadily working to bring you news when available. In the mean time, if you’re interested in taking the black and volunteering for the Watch, send us an email at [email protected]

That’s all for now. Thank you for the support and energy driving this forward, everyone!

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  1. Crater,

    Yes, it would appear they are sold out…unless more are released.

    As of 1:30 EST there are still regular passes still available.

  2. Can’t wait to see the guestlist and panels. It will be a wonderful weekend, just based on the location and topic.. but I’m hoping for TWO extra hours in the ballpit! (hashtag DashCon)

  3. Ah curse you Atlantic ocean!! Why must you always be in the way……..

    Seriously though are events like this ever held in Europe?

  4. Why is France so far away from joyful GOT-related events ? Why ?
    Bah humbug, nevermind. Have fun, all you lucky people 😉

    Dee Stark,
    Nope, sorry. But it looks interesting…

  5. I will be there! Panicked for about ten minutes because the Valyrian tickets were already gone seven minutes after they went on sale, I could not get past the info screen on the other tickets, had to leave a message asking my husband to try, had to answer a work call, and finally got a call through to my husband while he was completing the registration. Sorry, I tend to babble when I am excited, and I am REALLY excited!

    This will be the first con we attend, ASoIaF/GoT is my only fandom, and WotW is my favorite site. Thank you for making this event amazing!

  6. Mihnea,
    And wine ! Lots and lots of wine !
    We shall drink like thirsty Lannisters ^^

    A Dornish Tyrell,
    True, my friend. But you have the best meat in the world, locro and possibly the most delicious empanadas known to mankind… And now I am hungry, dammit ! 😉

  7. I just bought my ticket! Can’t wait! I’ll try to get some of my friends to go, but none of them are really interested in cons, so I have a feeling I’ll be attending alone.

  8. Roberta Baratheon:
    Cersei’s Brain,

    Cersei’s Brain, you won’t be the only old dame there!

    This is motivating me to hit the gym and start using sunscreen and anti-wrinkle products! Alas, I (especially my cleavage) probably still won’t look young enough to do justice to the Margaery costume I made for my daughter’s friend.

  9. ACME: you have the best meat in the world, locro and possibly the most delicious empanadas known to mankind

    Thanks! You’re too kind… But in terms of haute cuisine, you guys are unbeatable… And don’t get me started on French pastries, cheeses and wine! 😉

    There should be somewhere a god of cheeses and wine!! 😛

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever been so bummed. It let me pick two Valyrian tickets at 1:04 pm and I got to the page where you put your card number in. The page just mysteriously refreshed and put me back to the start where they showed unavailable. I refreshed the page for over 30 mins, just waiting, hoping they would show up again. They never did. They sold out in 4 mins.

    I got the regular tickets. I have my room at the Opryland reserved, my costume picked out, but honestly I’m rethinking the whole thing. I’ve never been to a con before. From what I hear from other ones, if you don’t have the good passes, you just spend your time waiting in lines for things you may or may not get to attend, based on space. With the room and the tickets only-I’m sitting at $1100.
    Just not sure it’s going to be worth it now.

  11. Mihnea,

    Haha sometimes living in Europe truly sucks. Count me in guys! But I’m a girl so a male stripper will be needed, thank you.

  12. A Dornish Tyrell:
    There should be somewhere a god of cheeses and wine!!

    All Frenchmen believe to be said god. All of us, French women, we let them believe just that… But we know that there can only be a goddess of cheeses and wine! 😉

    Well, Bună ziua to you ^^

    Rhaenys Stark,
    This impromptu, Euro-trash convention is looking better and better by the minute, isn’t it ? 😉

  13. ACME: But we know that there can only be a goddess of cheeses and wine!

    Ha ha ha! Well, praised be the goddess then! 😀

  14. There isn’t much official information being delivered, but reasonably reputable sources indicate that anyone wanting Valyrian passes at this point would have to buy the regular pass and then get on a wait list. Perhaps someone associated with the convention can confirm/correct.

  15. Yup! Can’t wait to meet all you freaking nerds!

    (Fabio finally meets Steve the Pirate. After like … 9 years…)

  16. I was able to get a Valyrian Pass for what will be my first Convention of this kind. I am excited and happy to be part of this inaugural event.

  17. Ahhhh so bummed the Valyrian passes sold so quickly 🙁 I’m still excited to go and will have to hope more of those tickets open up. I saw that there’s a wait list….hoping this means they are releasing more soon.

  18. I can’t buy tickets right now because I’m too poor. Fingers crossed there will be some left in a couple months… if not, I’ll be cancelling my room reservation I guess (only had to pay 1 night on that). :/

  19. Wait, is there going to be a panel there with some of the actors from GOT? I just dropped a couple hundred on the concert in Feb. and have to fly out to Florida in early spring as well so I really can’t justify the expense (someone above mentioned over a thousand) but if there’s a chance of meeting one of my fave’s I will find a way dammit! Lol.

  20. ACME: Let us bow and long may she reign !

    You scared me for a moment!! I thought you were talking about her.

    I mean, I don’t know about cheese, but she can surely be the High Priestess of Wine! 😛

  21. Rhaenys Stark:

    Haha sometimes living in Europe truly sucks. Count me in guys! But I’m a girl so a male stripper will be needed, thank you.

    Careful what you wish for.

  22. I have two Valyrian passes and will not be able to attend. If anyone is interested in these tickets, please PM me on Twitter:


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