Comic Con Interview Roundup: Liam Cunningham, Kristian Nairn & John Bradley

Plenty of new interviews out of San Diego Comic Con with Game of Thrones‘ Season Seven speculation today, with Liam Cunningham discussing his plans to stay alive until the final episode and John Bradley hoping that Samwell Tarly might the one holding all the answers to the White Walker problem.

At SDCC’s Hall of Faces Experience, the Making Game of Thrones blog caught up with Liam Cunningham and Kristian Nairn to discuss 8 things they have in common with their fans.  Along with the fandom, the actors share a lot of love for Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont and approve of the popular Tormund/Brienne ship.  They also shared some of their thoughts on the upcoming Season Seven.  Cunningham is concerned about Jon Snow’s longevity now that he’s King in the North, saying:

I’m not sure that’s going to be a good thing for Jon Snow. The kings don’t do terribly well on our show. They don’t last too long.

Meanwhile, Nairn is having to deal with fans demanding to know if he will be making a return to the show, saying:

Everyone’s been asking: ‘Are you coming back as a White Walker?’ That’s been the new ‘Is Jon Snow alive?’ for me. I’m like, ‘I don’t know. Pretty sure I’m dead.’

Both actors are looking forward to the new season, with Nairn saying:

Everyone’s waited for Dany to arrive at King’s Landing with her dragons. It looks like it’s about to happen… Unless a giant squid wraps up all the ships. Who knows? It’s so exciting. I can’t wait.

The two also discuss some marvellous merchandise and which characters they miss working with on the show.  You can read the whole thing here.

Liam Cunningham also chatted to Wired about finally confronting Melisandre in Season Six.

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I wanted to kick the crap out of her! I wanted to burn her. But [Davos is] not that kind of guy. He’s the kind of guy we’d all like to be under pressure—a man with a bit of grace and decency and loyalty. He’s not out for himself, and not consumed by ambition and power, which gives him a certain objectivity. Getting to the top of the pile is not a disease he has to suffer, the way a lot of politicians do—like the guys you have over here, and in Turkey, and England, and everywhere.

Getting to the top of the pile might not be Davos’ main objective, but staying alive on the show is not without its rewards:

It’s always a relief for my bank manager.  And to my family—they don’t want me dead. And I don’t want me dead. I’d love to be in the last episode [of the series], but you just don’t know.

Cunningham will have to wait a little longer to find out if he really does make it to the end, as he’s yet to see his first scripts for the new series, commenting that the scripts are worked on  until the very end, to make them as bulletproof as possible.

To read the rest of the interview, including how Cunningham dealt with keeping Jon Snow’s plotline a secret, click here.

John Bradley at Comic Con '16 with director Kevin Smith
John Bradley at Comic Con ’16 with director Kevin Smith

Meanwhile, John Bradley thinks it might be Samwell Tarly who is the key to defeating the threat of the White Walkers.  The actor spoke to IGN about how his character’s story might develop in Season Seven and hinted that, “there’s going to be something,” that comes from him spending time in Oldtown.

He speculates that Sam will either learn something in regards to Jon Snow’s true parentage or that he’ll find out how to stop the White Walkers for good.  Of course, Sam has also taken Heartsbane with him to Oldtown, a Valyrian steel sword which is one of the few things that can kill White Walkers, which will doubtless have some impact on the story in upcoming episode.

However, Bradley also commented that he doesn’t like to speculate too much about the show before he’s read any scripts for the upcoming season, joking that he’ll be in big trouble if any of his predictions come true!  You can read the whole thing here.


  1. I don’t want Davos to die till the end either!
    It’s so nice to see Liam Cunningham be such a genuine fan of the show. Looking forward to the GOT panel at comic Con.
    I have to say, if Jon becoming king is a set up for him to fall again, I am going to start throwing things. He deserves to start having at least some things go his way now!

  2. Ohmygoodness is Kristian Nairn really that large??? I had NO idea he was that big and tall. Gracious…. seems like a gentle giant… would LOVE to meet him in real life along with Liam. Davos is quickly becoming one of my sub fav characters (mostly due to Liam’s amazing acting skills).

  3. I too have thought about Hodor coming back as an un-dead. I mean they are all around him when he dies. Wouldn’t they want to take him as one of their own? It would make sense and sort of be a loose or dangling “issue” if not.

    I would love to see Davos make it right through to the end of the show. Who knows. At this point I think very few people actually know what the likelihood of all the characters staying or going.

    For Jon Snow. To me, much depends on his heritage and what that means to him and to everyone else. Being the bastard of Winterfell, X = Lord Commander, still gives him some cred on the street…..not sure what the other would bring with it. I want to see Jon Snow be at end game and I do believe he will take part in that. But I also think it is sort of his lot to NOT really have many happy times…they are short lived and few and far between. Time will tell.

  4. Regarding San Diego – do they ever live stream the Con panel? I have serious doubts, but would hate myself if I didn’t ask and just waited for it to hit the Tube like usual.

  5. Ser Davos Seaworth for the win! I love Liam Cunningham and have for years. In person he’s much like Davos … intelligent, a master of his craft and a true gentleman. I’m so hoping that Davos makes it through to the end (and that he gets his chance to avenge Shireen, of course!)

    Kristian is our gentle giant. I don’t know of anyone who watches the show who doesn’t love Hodor and who wasn’t as upset as I was that Hodor had to die. I understand it intellectually and was happy that his death really had meaning. I just miss the big man a lot.

    John Bradley was absolutely the perfect casting for Samwell Tarly. I have great hopes that he’ll be the one to bring about the defeat of the White Walkers and the wights and that he and Gilly and Little Sam have a long and happy life away from his wretch of a father. Maybe they can all go to Winterfell and live there.

  6. I’m sure Jon will be fine, now that Mel dusted off his new plot armor.

    The only think that worries me is how the writers will portray him. I’m hoping for something resembling his ADWD leadership arc (but without the stabbing). However, I’m not terribly optimistic.

  7. ghost of winterfell,
    Liam saying: “I’m not sure that’s going to be a good thing for Jon Snow. The kings don’t do terribly well on our show. They don’t last too long.’ is giving me worried confirmation of thoughts I had when people were discussing the fact that a war of 5 queens is set up. I wondered, well where does King Jon fit into the equation? He’s odd man out now. And then the D’s states they purposely paralleled Robb’s KitN scene and we should be worried for Jon. Yet, it makes no sense to kill and revive him just to have him fight in the BOB? What gives? Is he going to become the new Night’s king or some weird shit?

  8. Jon is safe until the final season, but he will have to deal with the scheming of Sansa and Littlefinger next season as well as his own emotions when Bran likely tells him who his parents are.

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