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culture fly II

The first one was a hit, and now CultureFly is back for round two, with another Game of Thrones Subscription Box packed with premium Thrones collectibles. In case you missed the premiere subscription box: CultureFly is putting out an assortment of officially licensed limited edition Game of Thrones items in a special subscription box for fans every quarter, and there are only 5000 boxes in each batch. Does the second collection, focusing on the North and Beyond the Wall, live up to the first? Luckily we’ve received the newest box from CultureFly to preview, and we’re diving in to have a look!

The premiere box from CultureFly featured the Noble Houses of Westeros (check out our review here!) and this quarter they’re zeroing in on the wintry northern territories. What sort of goodies are we getting this time? Much like the first go-around, CultureFly serves up a truly unique gathering of collectibles that was a delight to unwrap. The mystery box includes eight exclusive pieces of Game of Thrones merch. The newest box includes:

Wun Wun Bottle OpenerThe Wun Wun Bottle Opener – I included a bottle of beer (just for size comparison…I swear), so you can see this is no tiny prize. The sturdy metal opener is functional if you decide you want to actually use it. It’s great for cracking open beers on show nights- or if you’re not a drinker, it’s a fun conversation piece in your kitchen or on your shelf of nerd collectibles.  Rest in peace, you big beautiful arrow-riddled giant dude.

Next up in the box is a natural partner for the Wun Wun Bottle Opener, since we’re on a drinking kick. The House Sigils Coaster Set features the Great Houses of Targaryen, Stark, Lannister, Tully and Greyjoy. The coasters are lightweight and cork-bottomed.

House sigil coasters

The underside bears the official stamp of Game of Thrones/HBO so you know you’re getting the real deal. They’re not the sturdiest coasters- they’re on the flimsy side- but they’re attractive and fun pieces, perfect for a viewing party. Given the variety of sigils, it does seem a slightly odd choice for the box about the North, and would’ve been ideal for last quarter’s “Noble Houses of Westeros” box. But all things considered, I like them!

Speaking of Noble Houses, this quarter’s box continues to build on its collection of banner pins, begun in last quarter’s box with the House Greyjoy pin. This time around, naturally House Stark steps to the forefront, as Kings in the North, with the House Stark Banner Pin. (shown below, right) The banner pins are huge, approx 4″ by 2″, and very well made. If you’re not the sort to wear pins, keep them as I have for decorations, and acquire the whole set!

3 eyed raven house stark pin

This time, the featured figure collectible is the Three-Eyed Raven Vinyl Figure (shown above, left). Like last quarter’s Ghost, the vinyl figure in the new box is one of its highlights. The beautifully detailed piece is a good size, around 5-inches tall, and captures the uncanny vibe of the raven haunting Bran’s dreams.

Jon Snow NotebookThe next collectible in the subscription box celebrates the current King in the North, and what he knows. Or doesn’t know, as it usually happens.

The “Things Jon Snow Knows” Journal is completely empty, of course. The streamlined black journal is filled with clean white, blank pages, with a black ribbon marker. You know nothing, Jon Snow, and here’s a book to confirm it, I guess.

This is a simple piece but it made me laugh and it’s useful.

This next item was a bit puzzling for me, I must admit. The House Stark Scarf:


Though it’s called a scarf, the faux fur concoction isn’t really something you’d wear as a scarf. It doesn’t fold that way, for starters. It works best as a light cosplay piece, inspired by House Stark, with the fur and the direwolf sigils giving us a taste of Sean Bean. It’s entertaining and has the quirkiness I’m learning to associate with the CultureFly subscription boxes.

The King In the North artwork is a nice touch. I think art is something that’s not always high on fans’ lists when it comes to purchasing merch for themselves, but it’s worth it.

kitn poster

Last but not least is apparel featuring a man of the North who died beyond the Wall- Hodor is the star of the Hold the Door Graphic Tee. The comfortable black unisex t-shirt depicts Hodor’s heroic end in season six’s “The Door”.  The outline style of the tee’s artwork is a very cool take on the memorably painful scene.

If you like what you see, swing by to sign up today- it’s $49.99 per box (quarterly), or $44.99 per box if you choose the annual pricing plan to save!

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    1. Nothing from House Mormont? Anything remotely connected with the Lady of Bear Island or Ser Jorah would be a hit.

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    2. Ten Bears,

      I consider Jeor to be my favorite Mormont by FAR. It’s really a solid all around family, but that old school stubborn grittiness and sulking honor is something I miss and might even say all those characters made the show back then for me, and was the one thing that made Randal Tarly a great character and certainly the best dramatic death scene since season 4 besides maybe hodor.

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    3. Does anyone know if they will send you only the latest box if you join, or will they start with the first. I bought the first, but didn’t think I’d want them all. And frankly, I’m not a fan of this one (especially not at that high price.) But if I were to sign up again at some point, would the subscription start with the original box, the current box or the following box?

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    4. David H,

      Far be it for me to judge others’ merchandise selections; I just thought $49.99 is a bit pricey for this supposed North-centric souvenir box that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with our favorite Northern houses or themes.

      And really? A Wun Wun bottle opener? An empty Jon Snow notebook? At least have inscriptions of iconic Jon Snow quotes at the foot of each page…

      I’ve been waiting for a Lady of Winterfell hoodie (e.g., Sansa’s image with the words: “Do you deny it!” and a dagger slashing LF’s neck in the background); a Brienne & Arya sparring sweatshirt; a hat with an EEG of Bran’s bird brain; a Lord Manderly XXXL shirt showing him raising his sword aloft with the quote: “I was wrong! Arya Stark avenged the Red Wedding! She is the She-Wolf! The Queen in the North!“; or at least Tormund sweatpants with the inscription: “Dick? … I like it.”

      For $49.99, I’d invest in more Royal Mail GoT stamps. They’re beautiful. Although I live in the U.S. and I “waste” them as postage by affixing them to envelopes I mail, the recipients are tickled to receive them.

      – End Unresponsive Reply and Unintended Merchandise Review –

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    5. …. Oh, and of course, anything with Lyanna Mormont’s image and the words:

      “I think we’ve had enough small talk. Why are you here?”

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