Bowed, Bent, Broken

injured-angry-birds-06Credit for today’s Twitter post title must go to @inkasrain, who basically summed up our collective feelings by the end of this ep.

Ouch indeed.

It’s Twitter time, people. I’m dropping the usual bombastic fervor in respect for our favorite little bird. This episode ended with a decidedly Red Weddingesque pall cast over it. Anyway, y’all know the deal by now.

This may be longer than usual; it was hard to cut out some of the raw emotion, and removing the length of the reaction wouldn’t do it justice. It kept coming, wave after wave…

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    1. Thanks for including me once again in the recap. I have to say I stopped and blinked a few times with the tweet, but then I read your comment and all was right with the world again. 🙂

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    2. ArgonathofBraavos:
      Twitter dramatically and perfectly captures how short-sighted most human beings are.

      We’re in a world where your first impressions and knee-jerk reactions can be broadcast instantly and coalesced with other first impressions and spontaneous nonsense. ‘Think before your Tweet’ should be a 21st century maxim.

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    3. Dorne is an absolute disaster. I know of no one personally readers or not who have liked any of it. The acting is abysmal as well in that story. Of all the things they have chosen to omit, that should have been one of them.

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    4. Mark,

      Well I watched the episode with some of my unsullied friends, and while I was cringing at the scene, they actually really liked it and even replayed the fight scene. Expect that weird Obara screaming, no one liked that.

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    5. Mark:
      Dorne is an absolute disaster. I know of no one personally readers or not who have liked any of it. The acting is abysmal as well in that story. Of all the things they have chosen to omit, that should have been one of them.

      The problem is, all they have done so far is introduce the characters by delineating their names and their relationship to Oberyn. That’s it. We haven’t seen any interpersonal scenes, we don’t know how they feel in regards to anything other than hacking Myrcella to pieces. Six episodes deep and they’ve had a combined 4 minutes of screentime, if that. Doran and Areo have appeared twice doing almost nothing other than establishing who they are and where they like to spend their evenings.

      I think the rest of the show is doing great at the other stories. Arya’s for example simply breathes more. It feels less like a clip show – until we get to the Martells and the family Sand.

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    6. This is what I was waiting for. To read the tweets as “it” happened.

      Best line……”Fuckboy of a Show”. Classic.

      Although the Brann warging into the Godswood tree and Whomping Willowing Ramsay’s ass was pretty damned good.

      I don’t know why I really enjoy reading the Twitter recaps. But I sure do. Keep ’em coming Axey.

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    7. Broken record, but removing the plot in Dorne and the creepy in Ramsey rape. Why? Booo…

      Cock merchant wasn’t even funny, it was silly. Only the Dornishman’s Wife was worthy in the episode…. and that Tudors comment was very funny…

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    8. Thanks for including me and my pop toys again!

      Ah Dorne…it just makes me sad. I feel like they tried so hard to include Dorne and then they stripped out all that was worthwhile about it to the point where I kind of wish it wasn’t there at all. Everyone just feels like cardboard cutouts and it’s unfortunate.

      I feel like the crowning storyline from the book was more interesting than the Sand Snakes just wanting vengeance. I wish they had given the Arianne elements to Ellaria and maybe had Tyene side with her so at least the conflict between her and the Sand Snakes

      would have afforded them some room for some kind of character development. Sigh…

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    9. I agree totally with Axey… and I find myself disagreeing with Sue which is something I rarely ever do. Dorne is a miserable disappointment. We need more Siddig and Hotah. I don’t know what I hate more, the Sand Snakes or Varma’s miserable shadow of her S4 performance of Ellaria Sand.

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    10. I am actually really tired of rape being a main plot device. Sansa has already been broken down by a man (Joffrey) and had to draw herself back up. If D&D are changing the story line, there is no reason to follow the original Jeyne Pool story. I feel that, sort of like with JamieCersi gate, the idea that rape is good entertainment is being perpetrated- it’s not good entertainment.
      See the following for more:

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    11. Going to be a controversial thing to raise but what the hell. Was chatting to one of my friends today and he raised the question of whether Ramsay didn’t take Sansa’s actual virginity but the virginity only the more sexually adventurous ladies lose?! Not sure how much more I could sugar-coat that suggestion! Would certainly save for introducing Moon Tea into the series (although they may have to in the King’s Landing story) as I can’t see how pregnant Sansa would fit into the story and would make Ramsay an even bigger bastard. Also there was some foreshadowing when Theon was nearly take in the same way so would ring a bell with him.
      What does everyone think? *dives for cover*

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    12. Yeah, Dorne is disappointing for sure. I will say though that I’ve enjoyed the Jaime side of the storyline. I like that he is choosing to go on this mission to redeem himself in Cersei’s eyes, and I’m anxious for any moments with him and Myrcella down the road. And his material with Bronn a couple episodes ago was really good.

      But the Sand Snakes aren’t given much depth at all…I don’t need them to be particularly complex, they’re minor characters in one of the less-major subplots of the year. But even their anger at Oberyn’s death…I feel like we’re basically being told that they’re vengeful, and I’ve never really felt the anger or pain that motivates them. Their motivations make sense in my head, but it doesn’t make me really feel anything about them.

      And on top of that, the big confrontation between Jaime and the SS in this episode was quick, confusing and not well executed. Now that they’re all captured we can at least get to know the Dornish characters a bit more.

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    13. the idea that rape is good entertainment is being perpetrated- it’s not good entertainment.

      Apparently fictional rape is. Otherwise we wouldn’t have this show in the first place.

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    14. Madelyn Burke:
      the idea that rape is good entertainment is being perpetrated- it’s not good entertainment.

      But murder, mutilation, torture, slavery, cannibalism and incest for entertainment purposes is fine?

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    15. Madelyn Burke,

      What even is that site? I’ve never heard of it until now, but it’s suddenly popping up everywhere cause they’re not gonna “promote” GoT?
      If you’re not gonna watch the show anymore, then go away, but stop telling people why they shouldn’t be watching it either.

      I find it absolutely hilarious how countless people are swearing off from watching the show NOW. After all the things they’ve gotten wrong before, all the horrible things shown on screen, this was your tipping point? The scene that you KNEW was going to happen three weeks ago? I don’t think Sansa should have been put through that, but people need to learn how to step back from fictional characters and situations just a tad.

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    16. The twitter post is my only exposure to a lot of weird slang. First it was Bye Felicia, then it was bae, then it was fuckboy, now it’s…fleek? What in the Seven Hells is fleek?

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    17. TheTouchOfFrost,

      How dare you say anything against consensual incest! And cannibalism isn’t wrong if you already found them dead.
      Better a slave then unemployed I say! And torture can be fun right…? 50 Shades of Greyjoy? I’m sure I read that somewhere…

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    18. Well, it is official.
      I am a horrible, horrible person.

      I laughed so hard over Axey’s “Singin’ in the Rain,” (after the Clockwork Orange tweet) yes, knowing how very, very wrong it was, but the more I thought about it and how very, very wrong it was, the more I laughed.

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    19. What the hell is “Fuckboy” and why is “Fuckboy of a Show” a classic line? Sounds like nonsense to me.

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    20. Canibalism isn’t actually something that half our population is at danger of experiencing and most everyone knows and admits torture is wrong, the vast majority of non-sociopaths hate out right animal abuse but rape is still 90% of the time a crime that people tell women and men they ‘deserved’ or ‘should have prevented themselves from’. Because I had no problem prosecuting the neighbor who drunkenly trespassed my yard and beat my dog, but my friend will never win her criminal case against her husband who beat and raped her. That’s why I think perpetuating rape as entrainment is different and I’ll support people who feel like D&D made a bad decision here. I know why they don’t want to pay into this anymore- I understand why they are offended that I will watch, and I think it’s important to be contious and responsible about our fandom. We can say I’m still supporting it, but I see how this contributed to rape culture. If it had been racist culture or something else, then the same.

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    21. Madelyn Burke,

      Just a suggestion but maybe watch and see where the storyline is going and how it’s handled from here on out before going on a rant and advertising clickbait websites?

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    22. It’s interesting that so many have declared that depicting a rape on a TV show (even when not actually showing it happen) is unacceptable, when apparently these people had zero problems with murders, decapitations and mutilations being depicted on-screen for 45 episodes.

      It’s wrong to have rape as a plot device, but it’s perfectly OK to have murder or castration as a plot device?

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    23. Madelyn Burke: I see how this contributed to rape culture.

      I think it’s pretty obvious to all viewers that Ramsay is a villain in the story. And his actions haven’t been depicted in a good light. It would be a different thing if the show depicted a “good character” perpetrating rape, but when it’s done by a villain, I don’t see how your argument stands.

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    24. Madelyn Burke,

      I’m sorry but that is bullsh*t. 100% of the population are threatened with dying every day. Should we remove death from all mediums of entertainment? The vast, vast majority of people recognise that rape is wrong and should be deplored. Did the show present it in a way that made it entertaining? Did they condone it? No. They presented it as it should be presented as a vile act that a psychotic bastard does to someone. How on earth is this supporting an apparent ‘rape culture’ that now exists?! Have the constant references to Tyrion being an imp or dwarf and him being persecuted for it been contributing to Achondroplasiaphobia?
      If you didn’t like that a character got raped then fine (you’re not meant to like it, it happened for story telling purposes) but don’t dress up those reasons as a moral crusade. If you’re that concerned about rape then do something in the real world like take counselling courses or give money to rape charities. Criticising a fictional show for telling a story is both ineffective and also misdirected. Sorry if this comes across as harsh but people have got to deal with being offended and emotionally aroused or go and watch a different show. It is entertainment, but good entertainment should make you think and also make you consider things and explore your emotions. If your uncomfortable then you should be as that’s what the show wants. It’s a device to get you invested and caring. If you don’t want to feel uncomfortable , stop watching. If it’s not entertaining you anymore, then stop watching. Keep watching something you don’t agree with then you’re making your own problems.

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    25. Madelyn Burke: We can say I’m still supporting it, but I see how this contributed to rape culture.

      Showing a thing is far from condoning a thing. Quite the opposite, if you want to condemn a thing, then show it and its ramifications.

      As others have suggested, you otherwise have to assume that this show is condoning feudalism, mass murder, incest, etc. Indeed, it is very confused: by showing both slavery and abolitionism, is it condoning both?

      This might seem facetious, but it’s not. If you are trying to depict an awful world, then show a world that is awful. Westeros is not Middle-earth: nobody should want to live there.

      One could make similar claims about Mad Men. Was that show condoning date-rape and office-rape, or was it showing that this is what happened in a chauvinistic society? If you pretend that these things didn’t happen in such societies, then isn’t that just whitewashing them?

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    26. Madelyn Burke:
      That’s why I think perpetuating rape as entrainment is different and I’ll support people who feel like D&D made a bad decision here. I know why they don’t want to pay into this anymore- I understand why they are offended that I will watch, and I think it’s important to be contious and responsible about our fandom. We can say I’m still supporting it, but I see how this contributed to rape culture.

      I’m sorry, but did the show depict the event in a positive light? It was shown to be absolutely horrific; nobody at home or in the scene, save for the sadomasochist, got a thrill out of it. Ramsay and the kind of society that allows for women to be put into these positions with men like him are both being held up to the light, and yes, it’s hideous to see. But it’s not titillating and the worst thing it could be is unaffecting. Unless the show somehow argues that raping your young, unwilling bride is actually an okay thing to do, then I don’t see how your argument stands. Nobody is watching these scenes and feeling conflicted about whether or not they are wrong. The show is decisive that they are repugnant.

      A lot of people seem to have concluded that the writers are sabotaging Sansa’s growth, which I don’t agree with, though I think Ramsay certainly thought he was devaluing and breaking her (disclaimer: I would never argue that someone being raped devalues them, but Ramsay certainly thinks so).

      Sansa agrees to the marriage (and inevitable bedding) to claim her birth right. Ramsay brutalises her because he does not consider her to be his equal and probably to dissuade her from thinking she can ever exercise sovereignty over herself, let alone the North. It’s up to Sansa to overcome this trauma and not become a Reek-esque figure and keep striving for what is hers (hopefully this will be a vast improvement on her book counterpart, who is simply parachuted in to be raped by dogs and other similar horrors — but it’s too early to tell for the show. I wouldn’t turn off The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo when Lisbeth is forced to fellate her parole officer and draw my conclusions about the entire film from that point, for example.)

      Unfortunately, the marriage and bedding ritual is something inflicted on pretty much every woman in Westeros. It’s a patriarchical society for sure; and I don’t think that translates to the show being patriarchical. Depiction is not promotion.

      If people think the show has crossed a line they should revisit the books, where there are descriptions of very violent rapes being wrought on little girls, followed by various mutilations inflicted on them afterwards (cutting off noses, breasts, etc. some are also described as having been set on fire afterwards.) Ramsay’s bride in the books suffers the most sickening cruelties and she’s more of a name than an actual character. I understand that raping a pivotal character (Sansa) will have more of an emotional impact on viewers than a tertiary character (Jeyne), but they’re not actually different on a moral plane. They’re equally wicked, so placing the event in the books (which is absolutely revolting) on a higher moral standing than the show version is wrongheaded.

      Sorry for writing so much. This is an exhausting topic. If you disagree that’s fine, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and if you’re looking to reply I’ll read that in earnest.

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    27. TheTouchOfFrost,

      If I had a hat on i would take it off to you sir. Completely agree with everything you said, the scene as vile as it was, got the exact response i guess they were going for, outrage, disgust, and that sick feeling that i know i had for a long while after the episode, which is the same exact response i have when i hear that it happens in the real world, they didnt glorify it and in no way did they make it seem like she asked for it or did anything to contribute to it, as for sending her character backwards I disagree, it goes to show no matter how strong she’s become there’s not a god damn thing that can be done when there are vile horrible people in the world.

      On another note, Alfie is amazing absolutely amazing.

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    28. Roose On The Loose,

      As the bard would say “Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.” It will make Sansa a stronger, more resilient, more interesting and more sympathetic character in the long run…and even the short run!

      In a season plagued with uneven acting, Alfie has been the standout!

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    29. Thanks for the recap, Axey.

      When it comes to Dorne, it’s not bad. It’s just Jaime’s very much improvised/unlikely/incredibly lucky quest and a similar Sand Snakes (+Ellaria) venture that are just stupid. Pretty nonsensical to me, anyway. Sadly those drag down the whole episodes for me.

      Hopefully it will get better…

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    30. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Hahaha you’re the worst.

      But no really, while I don’t put it past him, Ramsay really needs to engage in regular ol’ intercourse. I don’t want to see a Sansa pregnancy storyline, but they need a legit heir with Stark blood and she’s the last option (as far as anyone is publicly aware). Once she produces a healthy male heir? Well, then she’d be disposable. But nothing would solidify Ramsay’s standing as a legitimate Bolton heir like a highborn son from an old house.

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    31. Madelyn Burke,

      Oh my god, you’re the worst. I felt like last year’s rape scene was SOOO overblown. But quitting a show to make a statement thar you don’t like rape in your tv show. I don’t like it, nobody does. But it’s part of the story. GRRM does it in his books too.

      Sansa is marrying Ramsay. They couldn’t write a peaceful wedding night, he’s a monster who thrives on abuse and violence. Sansa is in ”a dangerous place”, for real.

      And even though, I didn’t like the scene, I’m not writting essays on the web of how horrible it was and an insult to include rape in GOT. It’s GOT, the world is ugly.

      Last word: it’s a fucking tv show. Lighten up a little.

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    32. I had a nice, succinct response to Madelyn Burke’s opinion– an opinion which I must say (and I hope I do not sound patronizing because that is not my aim) was very politely and eloquently stated.

      I don’t really have to give my opinion. I’d just be parroting what more than a few of you have already said. I’m actually quite glad that so many of you do get what was happening in the story.

      One thing I will add: There is a large amount of “Why would David/Dan/Bryan do that to Sansa’s story?” conversation happening, as if Sansa were an island unto herself. Some of the complaints have been that the camera went to Theon rather than staying on Sansa, effectively stealing her scene.

      But the problem with that is, this isn’t just Sansa’s story arc. This is Theon’s arc, and it is Ramsay’s arc as well. Some people say having Ramsay rape anyone is brutally unnecessary since we already knew he was a psychopath. But we still need the tipping point. We still need the moment that resonates with Theon enough to push him down his own arc.

      Whether the show takes any path akin to the books or not, the “tipping point” scene is A. canon, B. absolutely necessary, and C. much, much worse in the books than on what we saw on our television screens.

      If your argument is simply “Sansa didn’t deserve that,” then yes, of course, no one deserves it. Jeyne Poole didn’t deserve it.

      I love Sansa. She is my second-favorite character in the series, second only to Theon. And I would have loved for Sansa to have had her book arc in the Eyrie, and for Theon to have had his arc in Winterfell, and for them never to have crossed paths.

      But this is a ten-episode television season that, for better or for worse, is attempting to pack in the stories from two very thick novels. (Purportedly so that the final 2 seasons are then free to cover the final 2 books.) There is no room–and probably less money–to do a separate Sansa-at-the-Eyrie arc in the current format, just as there’s no room to do a separate Winterfell story…

      …and a separate Dorne story, and a separate Jaime story…

      You have to amalgamate. There is no choice not to.

      So logic: you get Sansa in Winterfell, and you get Jaime in Dorne. (Could you have gotten Sansa in Dorne and Jaime at Winterfell? Sure. I’ll let you all debate the end results of those new arcs however you will.) (Might be some damned good fanfiction, actually.)

      Or instead do you just remove Sansa from the season? If you do that, if you keep Sansa safe and warm and tucked away, who plays her role at Winterfell? Who plays the Jeyle Poole role? Are you bringing in an altogether new actress to play this role? Is this going to resonate more or less?

      Or do you deny Theon his arc? Because you dislike seeing rape depicted on your screen?

      If your answer is “Hell yes,” then I have no argument, and we agree to disagree. But I want it, and I want to see Sansa active and playing the Game of Thrones and not Bran’d off for the season and forgotten. So I accept this nasty, wrenching, horrible, and altogether necessary scene–and I understand exactly why they did it.

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    33. I have to agree with Wimsey and a few others that what was shown does not promote rape but rather shows us how terrible it is.
      We have been numbed down by all the murder, torture and even rape mentioned or shown in movies, TV, books and even to some extend the news, that we do not really care as much anymore as we probably should. Yes, we know it is a bad thing but as long as it does not affect anyone near us directly we will forget about it rather soon.
      Now portraying the rape of a beloved character and especially how they show us the horror of it via Alfie’s (and our) eyes shocked us as all the real world rapes, murders and torture should. In that sense the show perfectly reminded us (and literally opened the eyes) of the horror of it without showing it directly.
      Now, I understand some people do not like social commentary in entertainment but at least indirectly it is a big part of ASIOF and GOT.

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    34. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Ha, I read a comment [I think on the Unsullied thread] expecting Roose to take issue with his son’s treatment of Sansa, and was thinking “Well, he wouldn’t care, so long as it’s potentially creating an heir.”
      …Then I was thinking at work today, “Of course, he’d care if it WOULDN’T result in a baby…”

      …Poor Sansa.

      (Also glad to see other people in the comments here saying it hasn’t necessarily broken her. Too many opinions going around the internet that her entire character development has been thrown out by this. It is possible to grow even after an injury.)

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    35. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Exactly. It’s such a dumb argument. Im kind of over it. Rape happens. Why is it supposed to be more scared than murder and torture? Its not a plot device, it’s rape. No one refers to burning Mance alive as a plot device. No one says stabbing a pregnant woman in the foetus is a plot device. It’s all story and horror and it’s what the narrative is about. It all moves the story forward because it’s a story. If Ramsay was nice to Sansa, people would be bitching about that. I think more people should be concerned about the constant innuendo about homosexuality. That is getting ridiculous. The face Sansa made in the bath after she had sent Myranda packing was a face that showed that she knew what was going to happen to her, but she steeled herself and married him with a greater purpose of revenge in mind. People are getting to precious about rape. Yes, it’s awful and so are all the other things that happen in the show that move the plot forward.

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    36. The big mistake was the choice to include the Sand Snakes in the first place. And then to make that mistake even worse was the direction they have decided to take those characters. Isn’t the audience supposed to like the Sand Snakes? Then why are they out to harm or kill an innocent young girl? That storyline is in desperate need of a character the audience can like and support. Doran is decent but that is not enough, the storyline needed Arianne.

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    37. JamesL,

      I agree. There is no Dorne without Doran AND Arianne. But, Arianne makes no sense without Quentyn (and Quentyn makes no sense at all).

      Therefore, even book Dorne seems like a pointless diversion without Oberyn still in the mix.

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    38. Why doesn’t anyone get Littlefinger’s play on the queen – he now has HER blessing to take his knights north to Winterfell. What they do once they get there, well, he’s 1000 miles away…… and he can do as he please.. such as join Bolton.. or Stannis etc.. but he gets them there without any questions from the only person who could stop him in the south. What would she have done if he moved them without her permission?

      I also think Sansa will react VERY differently than anyone thinks she will…. she will be the UN-Jeyne… She’s gonna make fun of Ramsey in front of his father… ‘oh, the wedding night? well, did you know your son has NO clue how to pleasure a woman? At his age????? What a dolt’. Ramsey cant afford to kill Sansa – his father will make sure of that – and probably wont let him maim her either.. and yes, he’ll make her life a living hell… but she’s gonna bite him back, just watch. Did you really look at her face at the end… there was enough hate there to doom him. This is her final crucible. Every other person has cringed and broken, he’s got steel this time and he doesn’t realize it. It may end up Brienne who runs him thru, but the setup will be Sansa’s.

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    39. Axechucker,

      You are spot on here Axey. I would be far more angry if the show decided to cut Theon’s Dance arc than Sansa’s Feast/Winds arc. It is one of the more powerful arcs in the series, and should be made all the moreso with Sansa involved. Although I do admit I fear what role Brienne may play in all of this.

      Also I have faith that Dorne will improve dramatically from here on, with hopefully some proper dialogue for the sand snakes now that they are imprisoned, and hopefully a great reveal

      that Doran has been planning on marrying Trystane to Dany all along with the help of Varys

      and voila, we are pretty much back on book ready for Winds material.

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    40. So I’ve been thinking a lot about the Dorne storyline and how to make it better and how to do it with the players that they have given us to work with…so here it goes:

      Ellaria and Tyene want to crown Myrcella. Ellaria taking on the Arianne role and it was Tyene who first brought up the idea in the book anyway so it would make sense that she would be on that side, plus if they really wanted to make Tyene be Ellaria’s daughter, then it would make even more sense.

      Obara and Nymeria on the other hand want revenge. Obara just wants war and wants to go burn things down as she does in the book, but Nymeria is more calculated and suggests that they kill Myrcella and wait for the Lannisters to come down to Dorne to fight them and they bleed them in the Boneway.

      Jaime and Bronn still go to Dorne hoping to save Myrcella.

      So Ellaria and Tyene kidnap Myrcella with the intent of crowning her, possibly with some kind of entourage. They don’t have to be named necessarily, they just have to be able to fight.

      Obara and Nymeria and Jaime and Bronn discover what has happened and go after them. Perhaps Jaime and Bronn catch up first and get captured by the entourage and then Jaime and Myrcella could have some nice father daughter time before the inevitable.

      Meanwhile, Doran has sent Areo Hotah out to track them as well and stop the madness because he has other plans and doesn’t need this Lannister mess on his hands yet.

      So, all three parties converge on each other, Ellaria, Tyene, Myrcella, Jaime and Bronn and the entourage against Obara and Nymeria (taking on the Darkstar role) and Hotah and his crew. In the struggle, Bronn gets taken out by Hotah the way Arys Oakheart was (shows how badass Hotah is and if Bronn is going to get taken out by poison, this seems like a cooler way to go) and also Myrcella gets killed because let’s face it, she is probably not long for this world anyway. Then everyone is like, fuck, now what, and Obara can run off like Darkstar and everyone can be concerned about her doing crazy things.

      Meanwhile, back at Sunspear, Trystane is upset with his father. He wanted to marry Myrcella and he thought the idea to crown her was a good one. He wants to know why his father doesn’t want him to be King. Cue Doran being awesome and saying that he is playing the long game and that he does want Trystane to be King…just to a different Queen. Vengeance, Justice, Fire and Blood blah blah blah, put him on a boat in like episode 3 or 4 and then he shows up in Meereen in episode 9 right before the wedding and offers himself to Dany citing a marriage pact that Doran made with I don’t know Varys or Illyrio or whoever to bind their houses together as Rhaegar did with Elia. She turns him down cause she has to marry Hizdahr for Meereenese political reasons. Then the pit happens and Dany flies away on Drogon. Trystane decides, well hey that marriage to Hizdahr thing didn’t really work out so let me impress her by taming one of these other dragons and then maybe I can win her for myself. Cue Rhaegal toasting him to a crisp.

      End scene.

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    41. Faceless Frey,

      That might work (and at the beginning of the season I could have hoped for something akin to this), but it relies on two Sand Snakes turning against Ellaria, which seems unlikely at this point. On top of that you have Ellaria’s wish to send Myrcella back in tiny pieces.

      Though I suppose she could have been lying to further something else. At the time she said it it felt like a fervent wish, however.

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    42. Axechucker,

      Oh I’m not saying that could work at this point. I’m rewriting from episode 1 of this season. There’s very little hope at this point unless Doran truly does have something up his sleeve that will make all of this worth while.

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    43. Chrysee,

      I think Sansa will be slipped some Moon Tea if it was the more traditional orifice she had violated. Can’t see how a pregnant Sansa would fit into the story at this point.

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    44. I think this comment section is the first place I’ve seen such a near united opinion of people not condemning the Winterfell plot. Everywhere else seem to have mostly people hating it.

      Personally I’m fairly neutral about it so far. Sansa taking the place of Jeyne makes sense story wise and as soon as this was revealed I was pretty sure she was going to get raped. Of course this is horrible but not more so than a lot of other abuse and violence that has been depicted on this show.

      The thing that will influence how I feel about this plot overall in the end will be how much Sansa will affect it. I think a lot of people fear she will just spend the whole season passively waiting to be rescued by Stannis. No one wants that. We’ve been promised some Sansa agency and I really hope the writers will deliver.

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