ASoIaF comics anon! Dynamite Entertainment launches A Clash of Kings


Cover by Mark Miller

On the heels of A Game of Thrones (rendered by my good friend Tommy Patterson), Dynamite Entertainment is now producing A Clash of Kings in graphic format. Adapted by Landry Q. Walker, with art by Mel Rubi, this adaptation of book 2 looks pretty sweet.

A Clash of Kings features covers by Rubi, Mark Miller, Magali Villeneuve, and Marc Simonetti.

ICV2 has a preview of the comic’s art- here’s a sneak peek of the covers!

(I am personally always down for more ASoIaF art, no matter the format.)

Stannis and Shireen A Clash of Kings comic artwork

Cover by Magali Villeneuve

A Clash of Kings Comic Art Melisandre

Cover by Marc Simonetti

George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings #1 will be released on June 6th, 2017 with a very reasonable cover price of $3.99. (Rating: Mature, natch.) Swing by ICV2 for the complete preview, with 5 covers and 5 interior pages!

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    1. Bloody awesome, I love these graphic novels 🙂
      I’ll be sure to pick up a copy, and loving the cover art ^^

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    2. The art for the A Game of Thrones comics adaptation was pretty bad, in my opinion. A series like this needs an artist capable of a wide range of facial types and expressions, and in that regard it fell short (especially with the female characters). The various Dunk & Egg adaptations all looked much better in that regard. We’ll see how this artist handles it.

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    3. Crumbs, Melisandre’s a bit ugly in the face in one of those covers – still going by the dress she’s wearing which hardly looks as if it would stay up I suppose people, the male half of the people anyway, wouldn’t be looking at her face. While I’ve never been a fan of the ringmail bikini Asha (Yara) fan art, Asha may have been based on Grace O’Malley (I’m using the anglicised version of her name for convenience) I’m posting a link to a site about County Mayo which has a picture of Grace O’ Malley (again a liberal amount of boobs on show – not as much as Melisandre though – while the face is nothing to write home about). I think of the covers shown in Axechucker’s article I like the middle one best.

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    4. Hmm, my problem will be deciding between buying the separate issues or waiting for them all to come out in those nice hardback compilations like i bought GoT in. How long will that take? Like 5 years? Haha.

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    5. It took me the first couple of collected issues of “Game Of Thrones” before calling a truce on disliking Tommy Patterson’s illustrations, eventually deciding that their crude and rugged style matched the oft crude and rugged characters and story lines. I’m looking forward to checking out Mel Rubi’s obviously more subtle work, though I have to admit to wondering sometimes, since we already have the novels (most of them anyway) and tv show, what the purpose of these comics is, aside from sales and marketing.

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