Announcing the Winner of our Spring is Here Giveaway!

Game of Thrones crystal Iron Throne1

Giveaways are our favorite way to while away the days as we wait for a proper Game of Thrones trailer, this lazy spring, so we threw another one this past week! The prize at stake: a beautiful collectible 3D Crystal Iron Throne, created by Dark Horse Comics. Many, many entries later,  the time has come to announce the winner of our latest Game of Thrones giveaway!

We’re happy to announce the winner is…

Lisa Wahlberg!


Congratulations, Lisa! We’ll be in touch about sending you your rightful throne.

Thank you to every person who entered the giveaway, and stay tuned for more Game of Thrones giveaways in the future!

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    1. Well done Lisa, I’m afraid I’ve l let the King Joffers I won a couple of years ago (or at least the box he’s in) accumulate some dust. He’s staring down at me while I type so I’d better get a duster and clean him up a bit. Seriously though, I hope you enjoy having your iron throne.

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    2. Show Euron being a believable threat, ice zombies, dragons, and magical tree folk all seem more realistic to me than winning something over the internet.

      If I ever won I’d expect WotW to ask for a small cash deposit of £10’000 first to secure the iron throne.

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    3. Hal.E.Lujah,

      Pshaw, I won a nifty Night King figure last year, no strings attached — plus a personal email from Sue The Fury herself! I never ever win contests, so if I can win, anyone can. 😉

      And who knew the Night KIng, like Dame of Mercia’s Joffery, has a thing for accumulating dust?

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