And the winner of the King Joffrey Dark Horse figure is…

JoffreyThank you to everyone who joined in our latest giveaway, to win a King Joffrey figure from Dark Horse! As usual your participation was outstanding but there can be only one winner of this fine piece of official Game of Thrones merch.

This figure is such an authentic likeness of Jack Gleeson as the late nasty king of Westeros that you’ll have him ridiculing your other toys in no time.

So who wins the prize? Let’s get to it.

The winner of the King Joffrey figure is….

Dame of Mercia!

The dame wasn’t entirely sure she wanted “a miniature Joffers staring” at her, but nonetheless her number came up. Congratulations! (?)

Thanks again to Dark Horse for providing the contest prizes, and keep your eyes peeled for the new figures coming in the fall and other great Game of Thrones products from Dark Horse.

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    1. This sort of “good” fortune doesn’t usually happen to me. So it just shows everybody is in with a chance. I’m guessing it will be a hard figurine so sticking pins in it when I am in a bad mood would not work (says she who was spouting forth on another thread here earlier today about having put aside childish things on attaining adulthood).

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    2. JCDavis:
      Congratulations to the fair Dame of Mercia.

      At my age “fair” might said to be wrong within the meaning of the British “Trades Descriptions Act” – and my hair was dark before it turned its present lovely shade of grey. Nevertheless thanks JC (and anybody else wishing likewise) for your congratulations.

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    3. Congratulations D of M! You can use him to get rid of house guests overstaying their welcome. Just place him on the nightstand while they’re sleeping so that they wake to his menacing stare. Time to go! 😉

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    4. Darn. I’ve recently had to be the bad guy at work and was hoping to put him on my desk. Oh well, maybe next time!

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    5. Dame of Mercia,

      It makes me happier to see someone like you, who thinks fortune rarely or never comes, end up being the winner by the end of the day.

      It shows that a slim chance of winning can still matter. 🙂


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      *cries for weeks and refuses to eat or speak*

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