And the winner of the Hodor & Bran Dark Horse figure finale giveaway is…

Hodor and Bran Dark Horse figureWe’ve reached the end of our Hodor and Bran Figure Giveaway Week, courtesy of Dark Horse! Thank you to all our readers who since last Monday have happily joined in the fun of the contests.

With the Game of Thrones season finale, it’s been chaotic but that’s over and now we can look forward to season 6, and with that, the return of Bran and Hodor! Perfect timing, with the Bran & Hodor double-figure available starting July 1st.

But one more lucky winner will win the toy figure! We’re choosing the winner of the giveaway finale today.

Who will it be?

The winner of the Bran & Hodor Figure Finale is…

Coming from Twitter,


Congratulations!!! We’ll be in touch.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and a HUGE thank you to Dark Horse for providing the prizes for the giveaway. They have the best Game of Thrones products so check out their entire line!

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    1. Congratulations. I won a Joffers figurine – apart from the fact Joffers wasn’t a nice person the figurine is quite good quality, which I’m sure the Bran and Hodor one is also.

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