And the final winner of Holiday Giveaway Week is…

santaravenWe want to thank everyone once again for joining in this week and entering the Holiday Giveaway! We have the best and most supportive readers, here at Watchers on the Wall, and we really appreciate the fun community the fans create together.

Yesterday was day 5, the final giveaway of the week. One lucky winner is taking home a coloring set consisting of the official Game of Thrones Coloring Book and a 48-set of colored pencils. We’re happy to announce the day 5 winner is…


Congratulations! We’ll be in touch soon to get that prize sent out to you.

So, to recap Holiday Giveaway Week:

Monday, Sansa Stark Figure by Dark Horse: won by Dragonslayer

Tuesday, WotW T-Shirt Prize Package: won by Mark Evans

Wednesday, Jorah Mormont Figure by Dark Horse: won by @thepointyend_

Thursday, WotW Raven Hoodie Prize Package: won by Penny Douglas

Friday, Game of Thrones Coloring Book Set: won by @riderj123

If you’re bored with reruns of A Christmas Story, there’s a Game of Thrones marathon running on the HBO2 channel over the next few days. Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!

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    1. I feel like a Christmas winner too. I can’t wait for my Winter is Coming book.

      Congrats to all the winners. Thanks to Sue and all the WOTW peeps.

      Happy New Year!

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    2. Congrats riderj! Guess I’ll have to buy my own coloring book.

      Thanks, WotW gang, for another great year of scoops and fun! All the best in the new year, Everyone!

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    3. Thanks for having the contest every year – it really is quite fun.

      And thanks for mentioning the got marathon on hbo! Would have missed it and tuned in just in time to see Tyrion discussing turtle stew with Lysa 🙂

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    4. Congratulations to the winners.

      God I forgot how empty this part of the off-season is… We where really spoiled, with all those leaks/casting info..

      Hope the trailer comes out soon…

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    5. Melisandre,

      Está muy bien hecho, pero yo le haría algunos arreglillos.
      Del 0:26 al 0:30, por ejemplo, queda muy mal poner los gritos de Arya mientras está fregando suelos o subiendo las escaleras.
      En el 0:41, el cambio del “only forward” al “You must become…” queda muy repentino, al igual que en el 0:45. Yo pondría una escena de transición, como Jon mirando a Casa Austera desde el bote, por ejemplo. Pero nada demasiado largo.
      En el 1:44, yo cortaría en el momento en que la estantería cae al suelo y pasaría directamente a la del ascensor.
      Conservaría la frase de Brienne al final, pero sin mostrar su cara.
      Por lo demás muy bien.

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