50 Tweets of Shade

Simon-vs-Twitty-BirdHelleeeeeooooooo, nerds! And welcome to season 6!

No, you haven’t accidentally forgotten to watch the season 6 premiere. (Well, unless you are reading this on the 25th, in which case you might have!)

In honor of the #GoT50 hashtag–meant for a diehards-only fifty-day re-watch of Game of Thrones‘ first 5 seasons–we are unfurling the first Twitter post of 2016 two days early, and summarizing (as only Twitter can) the experience.

Now… this didn’t go precisely as I had hoped. Honestly, there were not as many actual diehards as one might expect–certainly not the sort of who tackle this re-watch one day at a time, for fifty days. So the gathering was scattered, to say the least, and …

Well, if you’re the sort who hates Twitter posts that that feature only a handful of people… this may not be the Twitter post for you. I grabbed what I could.

I do want to thank some of the diehards, because without them this project would have quite literally gone nowhere. @BeautyBrienne, @NiceQueenCersei, @LordSnow, @_Mauy, @AlysonMiers, @screenreviewer, @cyotha, @PootzMaGoo, @TheTect0, @GHOST_OF_JS, @jkozal, @GameOverRos, @klairedelune13, @SerWhiteWalker, @GoT_Tyrion, @caitlynwinn, @heathen_king … and a large handful of others that basically made this possible.

See y’all in the NEXT Twitter post. In, oh… about 3 days or so.

We’re BACK, baby!

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    1. Great post, as always, Axey! Thanks for putting in the hard work to compile all these. This was a fun journey to relieve, and I’m glad I was able to provide you with some usable material.

      #GoT50 started out strong, but towards the end it did start to feel a little bit like a death march (which is … appropriate, given the show it was dedicated to). There were many in the ranks at the beginning, but one by one, people started falling away. I managed to write something for every episode, but towards the end it was definitely the imminent promise of Season 6 that was sustaining me … and the idea that if I didn’t write something for every episode, I would be irked at myself in some weird way.

      Luckily, the long wait is over! Looking forward to an influx of fresh material, starting tomorrow!

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